About Walk2Connect

Walk2Connect is an innovative worker-owned cooperative working to create whole-health walking programs focused on connection to others, to the places we live, and to ourselves. We have thousands of individuals and a growing variety of organizational/governmental partners. Our social enterprise model works hard to help people and communities become healthier and more connected while also advancing awareness on the importance of walkable community design and the pedestrian experience.

Learn more about our mission and our cooperative by watching our new whiteboard videos (2 minutes!) here: English & Español.


We currently have 9 co-op Member-Owners, over 350 trained Walking Movement Leaders, 150 [email protected] Champions, a host of Community Partners and up to 40-50 walking, hiking, and rambling experiences throughout Colorado and beyond on a weekly basis. In 2016, we hosted over 1,645 walking trips! We hope you can join us in helping one another and our communities connect, grow, and heal at the pace we’re built to. Please reach out to us if you are interested in partnership, champion status, joining a walk, supporting our mission, or becoming one of our Walking Movement Leaders!

Did you find us through Meetup? The Walk2Connect Cooperative has a Meetup Pro Network and is a parent organization to a growing community of Meetup Groups. Learn more about our Meetups and Pro Network here.

Please visit our Member-Owner page to learn more about the people who own, guide, and shape our co-op. Be sure to note their unique interests as they are all available to provide custom walking experiences for you or your organization through our co-op model.

Check out our Info Sheet here:
Cooperative Contact Information:
Walk2Connect Cooperative
3355 Hudson Street, #7226
Denver, CO 80207
Phone: (720) 593-0159
[email protected]
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You can get timely updates on new walks in your area by signing up for our weekly emails here or by joining one of our many community Meetup accounts linked here.

The Value of Walking Together from 4N PICTURES on Vimeo.