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Darcy’s Story: How Walking Saved My Life


Darcy Varney Kitching is a founding member-owner of the Walk2Connect Cooperative. She oversees our programs in the city of Boulder, Colorado, and serves as Walk2Connect’s “Collaborative Storyteller,” capturing stories about how walking has influenced – and saved – others in our community for the Walk2Connect Stories project. Walking is so fundamental, it’s easy to forget […]


Dustin’s Story: Building Relationship


Dustin Ratcliff is one of the founding member-owners of the Walk2Connect Cooperative. Through his involvement with Walk2Connect, he has deepened his relationships with multiple community groups and organizations, including Street Fraternity, a local non-profit organization for refugee and immigrant young men, ages 14-25. Read more about his experience on Walk2Connect Stories. For me, the heart […]


Great Changes Coming to Outdoor Gear


Two of our Walk2Connect Cooperative Member-Owners, Chris and Darcy, dove into the giant Outdoor Retailer show in Denver the last weekend of January to check out new trends in active living gear. Three major themes jumped out at us as we explored hundreds of booths at the Colorado Convention Center: urban hiking is on trend, […]