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Midday Merriment & Mosey (STSP)

Midday Merriment

TYPE: STSP Weekly | PACE: Conversational | TERRAIN: Paved/Urban| DISTANCE: Approx. 4 mi | TIME: 2 hours Walk Description: Please join us for a laughter and merriment neighborhood walk! I also like to refer to STSP (as same time snot party!). Sounds ridiculous? Perfect! At the beginning of the 2016, I made a New Years resolution: make someone/anyone laugh out loud at […]

Littelton’s Clement Park Afternoons (STSP)


TYPE: STSP Weekly | PACE: Conversational | TERRAIN: flat, paved path | DISTANCE: Approx. 2-3 miles | Walk Description: Hello! Come and enjoy some friendly walking and talking throughout Littleton’s beautiful Robert F. Clement Park on Wednesday afternoon’s, Walk Leader: Mark Skinner, is one of our long distance walkers, recently walking the Colorado Trail. Call him […]

Gentle Walk n’ Talk – Golden (STSP)

TYPE: STSP 1st & 3rd Monday | PACE: Gentle & Slow | TERRAIN: Flat & Paved | DISTANCE: 1.5 miles Walk Description: We are delighted to host an opportunity for “gentle walking” in central Golden and talking with each other about everything under the (Golden) sun! Come alone or with friends, or to make new friends! Please feel free to “drop-in” […]