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Nicole’s Story: A Call to Walk


Nicole Huguenin is a founding member-owner of the Walk2Connect Cooperative. Here, she shares her experience of deepening her own intuition and empathy through walking, and how that brought her to Walk2Connect. Read more about Nicole’s faith in walking as a way to realize our human potential on Walk2Connect Stories. Walking has always had its place […]

A Mile In My Shoes: A Multipotentialite (or A Person With Infinite Potential)


TYPE: Community | PACE: Conversational | TERRAIN: Paved Path| DISTANCE: Approx. 3 mi |  Walk Description: Adapted from the Human Library concept, we are hosting the second in a walking series called A Mile in My Shoes. This walk is designed to bring positive conversation to taboo topics that directly affect many people every day, from homelessness to business ownership. Our second walk highlights Jody, […]