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When Women Walk (Denver)


TYPE: STSP Weekly | PACE: Conversational | TERRAIN: Mostly sidewalk, some grass/dirt trail, some road | DISTANCE: Approx. 2 mi Heeey ladies! Join us Wednesday evenings on a mission of self-care in beautiful Park Hill for a 45 minute Pow(Her) walk! We’ll meet at the bridge in front of the entrance of Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being (3401 Eudora St. […]

Gentle Walk n’ Talk – Golden (STSP)

TYPE: STSP 1st & 3rd Monday | PACE: Gentle & Slow | TERRAIN: Flat & Paved | DISTANCE: 1.5 miles Walk Description: We are delighted to host an opportunity for “gentle walking” in central Golden and talking with each other about everything under the (Golden) sun! Come alone or with friends, or to make new friends! Please feel free to “drop-in” […]

Delaney Farm Loop (Aurora Ambles)

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TYPE: Weekly (April) |PACE: Conversational | TERRAIN: some dirt and some sidewalk trail |DISTANCE: Approx. 2.5 mi Walk Description: This is an excited new route for our Aurora Ambles walking community! This walk will include Delaney Farm, High Line Canal, and some historic structures. We meet weekly and will extend our route if the group […]