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You are here because you are ready to lead your first walk or you need some help with an existing walk. Before we go any further know that we send you deep thanks for taking the time to plan and lead your walk that leads to connect. Also, don’t forget that no matter if you are thinking about, leading, or generally supporting walks you are more than welcome to join our monthly phone calls by RSVPing here. All calls are recorded and can be listened to here.

Below are links, videos, and pdf’s that you can use for your walks. Remember, this is the first line of support for you. The second line is your regional team leader, or if this is your first walk, you’ll want to contact Nicole (nicole@walk2connect.com or 650-279-1662).


Here’s a link to a digital copy of our most updated WML Training PacketAnd some video’s by our intrepid Founder, Jonathon, that go over what was covered in the training. Thank you, Joe for all your help putting these together!

Planning Your Walks    Maximizing Connection

Creating The Bubble    The Walking Experience


Once you are ready to lead your first walk contact Nicole (nicole@walk2connect.com) and she will connect you to your Regional Team Lead, if you don’t already know who that is. Your team can walk you through these next steps and walk your route with you. Also, here is a very simple sample of the types of walks we lead:

Same Time Same Place Walk & Talk / Themed Long-Distance Walking with Wisdom

No Cost

One-time, Program

Varied Costs

6 Miles + Under 1 mile and at a pace of 1-2mph
– Families

– Parks/Greenway – Connections & Conversations

– Coffee houses

– Behavior

– Neighborhood & Community building

– Sunrise/Sunset

– 1-2 hour loops

Educational Topics (History, Plants/Nature, Health, Community Issues, Art)

Social (Food, Couples, Family-friendly)

Meditative (Silence, Labyrinth, Practices)

Walkable Community Connection (Policy, Planning, Built Environment)

– 6-9 Mile “Get to Know” Urban Hikes / Rambles

– 12-22 Mile Weekend Events

– Walkable Community Education

– Meditative, Historical, Cultural

-Specifically designed for older adults &/or multi-ability walkers

-1-1 Companion Walks

-Group led neighborhood walks at the pace of the slowest walker

Example: Cap Hill Sunrise, New Freedom Park Examples: Glow In The Dark Dance Walk, Walk to Lunch & a Market, Life@3MPH Movement Ramble Example: Camino en Colorado Example: Golden Gentle Walk  & Talk


1.Add Your Walk: to the Walk2Connect website using this form*: www.walk2connect.com/events/community/add
*Make sure to use the format from this walk by copying, pasting and then updating the walk description & details, etc. Also, take note of things like repeating, organizer, and location. If you have more than one photo, email the additional photos to Nicole or your respective Team Captain. 

Here’s a short video showing you how:

Adding Your Walk to Walk2Connect Site

2. Connect with Team Captain: You’ll receive an email back from your Team Captian once your walks has been approved and uploaded, at that point you can start promoting and preparing for your first walk (see next section).

3. Route Planning & Google Maps: A few words on route planning from WML Chris Englert:

Google Maps Video

Check List Pre & Planning


Next, you’ll need to promote your walk! By submitting your walk to the Walk2Connect site (described above) we put your walk in rotation for promotion on our social media and weekly newsletter, this doesn’t guarantee much, especially because most people say they walk because of proximity to the walk or because they know the leader.

So, you must promote your walk using any one of the tools below (or any creative ideas) that work best for you and who your intended walkers are:

Meetup: Remember, Meetup is not required. Please see the other promotional options below as so many people who could benefit from our walks are not online. Current Whole-Health Walking Meetups in partnership with Walk2Connect: Mile High Ramblers (Denver Metro), Golden Walks, Boulder Ramblers, Arvada Walkabouts, COS Ramblers (Colorado Springs), Caminos del Valle (Alamosa), Just Walk Richland (Mansfield, Ohio)

A few words & tips from Chris Englert about using Meetup:

Adding Event on Meetup

Responding to RSVP on Meetup






Online Neighborhood Post/Boards/UpdatesNextDoor (great as an app, too) or  Craigslist

Social Media, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (please tag @walk2connect and #lifeat3mph)

Flyer Templates (customize, print, or save as a JPEG/PNG to share online): Flyer Template One (Graphic/PDF download)*  |  Flyer Template Two (Simple/Word download)  |  Flyer Template Three (Simple/Word download) *If you need the graphic flyer in a google doc or word doc, please email Nicole at: nicole@walk2connect.com 

– Simple Quarter Sheet Flyer: These are perfect for leaving at coffee houses, libraries, and for handing out to folks while out on your walks. Please let us know if you would like us to print a stack for you, as we have partners that can usually help underwrite color printing costs. Fill-in your information (photos, colors, title, contact info) and then be sure to click “4 Pages Per Sheet” in the Print Settings! Quarter Sheet Flyer Template (download)

– Word of Mouth: Invite your friends & ask them to bring a friend

Inviting Guests: Partner with an organization or expert guest walker.

Español? Please seek out your circles first to help get your information (or the most important information) translated and connected to spanish-speaking communities. Reach out to us if you need assistance as we have a team of folks who can help translate when needed.

There are so many other ways to promote your walk. Please share these with each other on your respective Walking Movement Leader Group Page on Facebook, our monthly call or while out walking!

Check List Walk Promotion


1. Welcome Waivers & Sign-up Forms: Every Walk2Connect Walker must sign a Welcome Waiver once per year and sign-in at every walk. Most people sign the waiver online but please do keep extra copies in your folder and hand out when necessary. Below are links to print out extra waivers and additional sign in forms*.

*Waivers and full sign-in sheets can be sent to your Team Captain or Walk2Connect HQ at info@walk2connect.com.

2. Telling Our Collective Story: Each week, your Team Captain* will also send an email asking for the # of walkers and any change in the mileage plus any cool stories and pictures.
*If you are this far and don’t know who your Team Captain is, stop, and send an email  to Nicole: nicole@walk2connect.com.

3. Movement Building: During your walk, remember to hold space for connection and invite others to the broader Walk2Connect/Life@3MPH movement. Some tips for doing this are included in the training video’s at the top of this page. You might also:

  • Invite other walk leaders to share when their walk is
  • Take a look at the Walk2Connect calendar and announce 1-2 walks that are coming up
  • Listen for connections, likes, and similarities between walkers and make the connection
  • Smile often
  • Share your passion.

4. Knowing Limits, Taking Breaks, & Change with the Seasons: Many walks change with the seasons, route shifts, and because interest changes with the walk leader. Contact your Team Captain to make changes to time, starting place, etc. or to put your walk on hold or even stop it.

5. Emergency Protocol

  1. Colorado Good Samaritan Law
  2. If someone on your trip gets injured, use your best judgement. Always have someone call 911 if you are unsure how serious it is. If you are not CPR/First-Aid Trained then ask around you if anyone is. Be sure to manage the crowd If the situation is an emergency and 911 is dispatched. If you call 911 please also notify your Team Captain or Staff once you have returned home.

Check List During Walk