Walking Movement Leader Teams

Walking Movement Leader Teams

We are excited to announce the beginning of our newly formed team structure that allows our growing community Walking Movement Leaders to focus how they support one another while also providing focused areas of interest for new/curious leaders. Our teams are broken up into three categories: region, specialty, and support. If you are interested in supporting ANY of the following teams with Walk2Connect, please contact the Team Leader directly for next steps on how to get involved.



Golden Walks
A quickly growing community of leaders and walkers inspiring Golden residents and visitors to connect and build community by foot.
Team Lead: Saoirse Charis-Graves,
Team Members: Betty & Harold Payte
Team Website: Golden Walks Meetup

Stapleton Team
A creative community of walks, events, and community building in and near the Stapleton community in NE Denver.
Team Leads: Chris Englert, cee33x (at) yahoo.com and Edward Korabic, korabic (at) gmail.com
Twitter Links: @EatWalkLearn & @StapletonWalks

Wheat Ridge Team
A fun walking community connecting and exploring the many trails, neighborhoods, and sights in and near Wheat Ridge.
Team Leads: Rachel Hultin, rachel (at) walk2connect.com
Team Members: Richard “Curly” Blackburn


Reflective & Contemplative Team
Walking experiences and community building around going inward, going more silent, and sharing reflection/contemplative practices.
Team Leads: Nicole Huguenin, nicolerhuguenin (at) gmail.com and Dawn Kirkwood, gypsydawn76 (at) gmail.com
Team Members: Jonathon Stalls

Birthday Team
Creating meaningful opportunities to walk with individuals on their birthday.
Team Lead: Betty Payte, payte (at) comcast.net


Celebration Team
Developing opportunities to support a variety of incentives, rewards, and perks for walking participants.
Team Lead: Nicole Huguenin, nicolerhuguenin (at) gmail.com
Team Members: Claire Walsh, Elizabeth Dickens, Kris Ashton