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Did you know that Walk2Connect is a worker-owned cooperative? Our professional members are official co-owners who hold and shape the direction, sustainability, and evolution of Walk2Connect. Through collective and horizontal decision-making, we discuss, come to consensus, and vote on every major decision. All owners, in partnership with the Board of Directors, share responsibility for the financial and social health of the organization. Our shared belief in the cooperative model gives us the capacity to see the best in one another.

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Why partner with us?

Help build a broad-based, low-barrier, connection-focused walking movement

For every service rendered, professional members contribute 10-50% back to the cooperative. This means that every time an organization, company, municipality, or individual hires us, they are directly supporting our day-to-day operations and our growing grassroots walking community. Our grassroots walking program includes but is not limited to monthly Walking Movement Leader training, 40-60 walks each week, ongoing development of trained walking leaders, and promotion of walking inspiration to the community at large.

Experience the many benefits of walking*

Hire us to help you and your employees, partners, board members, or affiliates …

  1. slow down
  2. better understand (through your body!) the opportunities and challenges pedestrians face in your area
  3. boost your (individual and collective) whole-health profile
  4. connect with one another and themselves while moving (netwalking, planning, debriefing, listening)
  5. cultivate spontaneity
  6. get some fresh air, get outside, enjoy nature
  7. and more!

Let us help you get there.

*Walking in this context means moving at a 1- to 3-mile per hour pace by foot, assisted or unassisted.

Becoming a Professional Member-Owner:

Interested in becoming a Walk2Connect Cooperative professional member-owner? We require prospective Professional Member-Owners (PMO) to attend several scheduled walking experiences, complete our Walking Movement Leader training, facilitate a number of whole-health walking events, attend a specialized contract/program training, and be voted in by current member-owners. Following that process, new PMO’s can choose to offer the Walk2Connect Suite* while also developing a unique offering of whole-health walking services related to specific skills and interests. Each professional member can then be hired through the cooperative to provide whole-health walking services to a variety of partners and organizations. They can also be hired by individuals, families, and groups to conduct specialized and custom walking experiences. We will start accepting new PMO’s on a rolling basis in 2017. Connect with us to learn more!

*The Walk2Connect Suite:

The Walk2Connect Suite consists of focused whole-health walking services for a variety of public, private, and non-profit organizations. Services rendered can be crafted as one-time offerings, short-term contracts, pilot programming, or large-scale contracts employing part-time or full-time walking program coordinators. Please look over our Walk2Connect Suite brief here and visit our current list of [email protected] Partners here to learn about some of the organizations we work with. Please fill-out our General Inquiry Form linked here to get the process started.

Services involve but aren’t limited to:

  • Whole-health Walking Program Development (Set-up, Launch, Development, Support, Custom Walking Experiences)
  • Walking Movement Leader Training
  • Communications, Promotion, Online Tools, and Social Media Training & Development
  • Walkable Community Education (Custom walking experiences)
  • Whole-health Benefits of Walking (Presentations, One-time walking experiences)