Professional Member: Jonathon Stalls

Jonathon Stalls, Walk2Connect, Life@3MPH, #Lifeat3MPH, Walk2Connect Cooperative
Founder of Walk2Connect, 2012
Founding Co-op Member-Owner, March 2016

Walk2Connect Suite Certified*

Jonathon Stalls, Walk2Connect Cooperative, Colorado Walking Trips, Colorado Walking

About: Jonathon founded Walk2Connect in 2012 shortly after completing the Camino de Santiago in Spain and an 8.5 month 3030-mile walk across the United States in 2010. He brings extensive experience in community outreach, partnership development, communications, social enterprise, and movement building around issues related to walking for whole-health and walkable community education. Jonathon recently completed his studies at the Center for Action and Contemplation in New Mexico and continues to walk thousands of miles guiding hundreds of personal, social, communal, and spiritual walking experiences with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations throughout the country. You can check out his new creative project, Intrinsic Paths on Patreon. He resides in Denver, Colorado and holds a BA in Design & Entrepreneurship from Metro State University. TEDx Talk: Life at 3MPH at [email protected] (April, 2013) Featured in The New York Times: Walking the Land As a Spiritual Quest

  • UPDATE, December 2018: Read Jonathon’s message about transitioning from Walk2Connect Co-op member-ownership below.

Jonathon’s Niche: Long-distance rambles for groups, couples, and individuals, walkable community education, contemplative/spiritual connection to walking.

1.) Contemplative, Reflective, Spiritual Walking Experiences: Custom walking experiences for groups, organizations, individuals, couples, and families to connect the inward and outward journey while on-foot. 

2.) Long-distance Walking Experiences: Custom long-distance walking routes (half-day, full-day, multi-day). He has guided hundreds of people on his “Camino en Colorado” branded walking experiences throughout Colorado. He also specializes in creating custom 9 mile routes (across the country) to connect and educate people to one another, to themselves, and their surroundings. 

3.) Walkable Community Education: Custom crafted walking experiences that invite a variety of organizations, community leaders, and individuals into the many layers surrounding the opportunities and deep challenges facing today’s pedestrian (inclusive to strollers and wheelchairs).

4.) Speaking & Presentations: Jonathon can cover a range of topics including his walk across the USA in 2010, whole-health benefits of walking, importance of walkable community design, walking leader development, and more. His speaking experience ranges from small groups to large conferences (2,000 or more).

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*Walk2Connect Suite Certified
Jonathon is trained to provide a host of whole-health connection focused walking programs as a member-owner of the Walk2Connect Cooperative. These include but are not limited to speaking/presentations, Walking Movement Leader training, tool training and set-up, and technical assistance/support for newly trained leaders and developing programs. These services are offered locally, statewide, regionally, and nationally. You can download our Walk2Connect Suite pdf by clicking here to learn more.