Kodiak Walks

Kodiak Island and its surrounding villages have had people walking its paths for many, many years. From the water to the mountain paths, join us as we walk and connect with the beautiful island and each other. All walks are supported through through a unique partnership between Walk2Connect Coop and the Kodiak Area Native Association (KANA). Below you will find weekly community walks, uniquely themed walking series, and invitations to become a Walking Movement Leader in and around Kodiak too.

Walking Calendar

* Browse our walk calendar  *Register for the ones that interest you.  *Sign a Welcome Waiver.   *Share pictures & connect with other walkers on social media  *Consider leading your own walks “

Baranof Park |  Weekly | Sunday’s | Noon-1pm  | approximately 2 miles  |  Details & RSVP

Ouzinkie Walks | Monthly | 1st Monday’s | Meet at the Clinic around noon

Walking Movement Leader Training | Ongoing | Online  | More Info Directly Below

Become A Walking Movement Leader 

Do you enjoy walking, connecting to your neighbors, learning about your community & have a passion such as art, music, history, food, etc.  Are you interested in learning how to shape your passion into a connection-focused walking experience to share with your community?  Walk2Connect Waking Movement Leaders (WML) are the “feet on the street” when it comes to impacting whole-health outcomes through connection-focused walking programs. With a community of over 200 leaders throughout the United States (and beyond), leaders commit to inviting, leading and telling the story of connection focused walking.

We encourage all Walking Movement Leaders to lead walks on routes and with themes that are meaningful to them and their community. Because of this, each WML brings a unique perspective and charm to their walks.  Join our [email protected] movement!

Want to become a Walk2Connect Walking Movement Leader in Kodiak? 
Our 2-hour training enables you to know:
-the in’s and out’s of choosing a route,
-preparing for a safe walking environment,
-inviting fellow walkers and connecting to your community,
-examples of how to promote your walk, and
-how to connect with fellow Walking Movement Leaders to share & learn from each other.
Kodiak Walks will be hosting no-cost training’s for the first Walking Movement Leaders on an ongoing basis online. To learn more email Nicole at [email protected]


  1. Browse our walk calendar
  2. Register for the ones that interest you.
  3. Sign a Welcome Waiver (one per person, per calendar year).
  4. Take a look at the trip notes in the walk description to come prepared to the walk
  5. Connect with the larger Walking Community in Kodiak on social media @kodiakwalks & @walk2connect.
  6. Share this page with your friends and invite them to join you on a walk.
  7. Consider leading your own walks in Kodiak by getting trained as a Walking Movement Leader.

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Facebook: @kodiakwalks & @walk2connect

Kodiak Walks is supported by a unique partnership between Walk2Connect Coop and Kodiak Area Native Association. Our shared goal is to create a walking platform for people, places and community to increase whole-health outcomes in and around Kodiak.