Your personal journey matters to those you love, to your neighbors and to us.  We want to take you on an intentional walking experience that can help bring clarity, direction and healing to your unique  personal goals challenges, and transitions.

Modern wayfaring simply invites us to move the way we are designed to.  There are many reasons to consider a long walk.  We start slow and we do our best to meet you right where you are.  Our walks can push you, inspire you and possibly break you in transforming ways.  Our hope is that they leave you more connected to the very things you (whether you knew it our not) had set out to find.

“Helping individuals find hope, healing, clarity and space through on-foot travel has become my life’s mission.  I have walked alongside hundreds of diverse and beautiful people.  I care deeply about the human experience and feel that there is no better time than now to instill confidence and empowerment into today’s pedestrian.” – Jonathon Stalls, Lead Itinerant

Individual, Couple, Family or Small Group

Program is custom built to fit your goals and budget.  Walks can range in duration, amount of planned program, food options, accommodation options and more to fit what works best for you.  See the pricing chart below and we’re always up for trade-for-service opportunities if the cost is too high.  Please contact Walk2Connect Founder / Lead Itinerant, Jonathon Stalls at or (303) 908-0076 for any questions and to set-up your free consultation.

Large Group (10 +) or Organization
We want your group and organization out walking – to plan, to learn and to grow.  Pricing for custom group trips is dependent on many factors (food, trip duration and location, number in party and program needs).  Please use the pricing feature below for individuals and small groups as a framework.

Pricing for Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups (up to 15)
Please note that there are many variables that can lower and increase the costs listed below.  This is meant to provide a range of cost for most custom walking trip opportunities where participants would walk with Walk2Connect Founder, Jonathon Stalls.  Costs are much lower if participants want to have custom route built w/out Jonathon joining them.  It is recommended to have Jonathon join for the first walking trip.  Costs reflect total amount for 1-4 people (ie if four people schedule a Half Day Walkabout then cost pp is $75.00).  If group exceeds 4, then there will be a small fee per person up to 15 people.  Walking trips will vary in length, terrain, duration and location based off of initial consultation and participant/s comfort level.

All trip costs below include route map, pre-walk instruction via email and over the phone and snacks.  Meals and accommodation are not included (see estimated food costs below).  I would highly recommend the package options as it allows for long-term connection and investment into all-things long distance walking – plus you save

Half Day Walkabout (4 hours) / $300.00
Half Day Focused* Walkabout (4 hours) / $350.00

Single Day Walkabout (7 hours) / $500.00
Single Day Focused* Walkabout (7 hours) / $550.00

2 Day Walkabout / $900.00
2 Day Focused* Walkabout / $1000.00

Rambler Package / $1300.00 – Saves $200!
(3 single day trips)

Wayfarer Package / $3000.00 – Saves $500!
(7 single day trips)

*Focused Walking Trips refer to specific participant desired goals and objectives for program. 

There are many options for food depending on route and goals.  Visiting cafes, small grocery shops and bringing your own food is always an option.  Cost below reflect amounts for Jonathon preparing meals or hiring a caterer.

Basic Meal pp / $10
Deluxe Meal pp / $25
Catered Meal (min 4 people for one meal) / $100

Full Day Basic (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) / $30
Full Day Deluxe (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) / $75
Full Day Catered (min 2 people Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) / $300

There are many options for accommodation.  This will depend on participant/s comfort level, location, budget and goals.  Range shown below includes cost for guide’s accommodation per one night’s stay.

Inner Circle Host (friends, family, company connections) / Free
Wild Camping / Free (depending on gear rental needs)
Camping at Pay Sites / $5-20
Couchsurfing / Free
City Hostel / $30-50
Small Hotel / $50-100
Air BnB / $40-500
B&B / $60-300
2 Star – 5 Star Hotel or Resort / $150-500

Please fill out the form below OR contact Jonathon Stalls at or (303) 908-0076 for any questions and to set-up your free consultation.

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Can’t wait to journey together!