Walking ARTS

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Walking is our most natural form of transportation and the most accessible and inexpensive form of regular physical activity. As little as 15 to 20 minutes a day helps lower the risk of numerous chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, as well as abate symptoms of depression. If only changing walking behavior was as easy as saying: Let’s go!

2014 Go Golden 1 (1)Walk2Connect partners with stakeholders dedicated to building the walking movement within their communities. We bring a unique perspective and skill set to transform walking from a choice to a behavior to a lifestyle through innovative walking programs. Using our Walking ARTS Program [Assessment, Recommendations, Training and Support], Walk2Connect identifies and reduces barriers to walking behavior at the community level by connecting individuals with an intrinsic desire to move, explore, learn and invest in their well being. Using current research and experience from leading over 370 walks a year, we encourage meaningful social connections and fuel curiosity to encourage people to shift from walking as a choice to walking as a behavior.

Each Walking ARTS Program is customized to best represent the specific partner organization, their goals/deliverables and the community they serve.

  • Assessment.
    A successful community walking program rests on a solid foundation which aligns organizational objectives with community needs. Walk2Connect identifies opportunities to maximize resources that encourage sustainable walking behavior. To do this, we assess organizational capacity, community demographics, physical and perceived barriers, communication channels, geography and more.
  • Recommendations.
    2014 Golden Walks 2
    Using information gathered during the assessment, current research on behavior change and experience from hundreds of facilitated walking trips, Walk2Connect customizes cost-effective programs to have the greatest impact at the community level. From training to implementation to long-term support, Walk2Connect provides solutions to improve walking behavior.
  • Training.
    Walk2Connect trains stakeholders to be effective walking trip leaders, ensuring individuals feel safe, supported and encouraged to continue participating in walking trips. We provide communication and trip management tools along with proven techniques to lead groups of all ages and abilities.
  • Support/Feedback.
    Our goal is for every walking program to grow over time, becoming part of the national walking movement. During the Walking ARTS Program contract, we monitor impact and continue to make adjustments based on feedback and observations. All Walking ARTS Program partners become lifelong Walk2Connect organization members which includes a weekly email with walking culture news, research, walking events across the state and as well as a yearly Walk2Connect free community walk in your area.

2015 W2C Golden Walks Winter BettyHarold smlThe public health benefits of walking are supported by an ever-increasing body of scientific research and ongoing antidotal experiences. Community-based healthy living programs have meaningful impact one person at a time. We are excited to work with you and your community to get walking and get connected!

Rachel Hultin, Community Program Director
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