Cross-Country Walking with Virginia Clair

Walk2Connect is excited to support and partner with Virginia Clair or Virginia is a Walking Movement Leader with Walk2Connect and has been inspiring hundreds of people through her steps. She completed a 900 mile walking journey in 2016 from Jacksonville, FL ro Cleveland, TX. Please take a few moments to follow her Facebook Page here and check out her website, for updates, inspiration, and opportunities to connect her to great people in your network along her route.

Virginia’s most recent blog post on her up-coming 500 mile walking journey along the Pacific Coast:

Here I go again!  I am being “good to myself” by giving up the Got-ta Do List and choosing the how/ where I want to walk.  Last year on April 1, I hit the road in Jacksonville, Florida with my plan to go transcontinental. Yup, it was an ambitious schedule to walk 2600 miles over 7 months. Life happened, I came home to Denver from Dallas, Texas with great adventures, stories, friends and a new husband.

Being determined and single-minded, my goal then was to complete my coast to coast route this year but starting from the west (San Diego) to connect the dots going east.  Something was stopping me!  No enthusiasm, no luster, no inspiration to step out. I was checking off a “got-ta do” and that wasn’t fun! So, what to do? Change of plans; stick to the coast and keep it simple.

Live on the edge where I can see the ocean to the left.  Now, I am happy!  I will walk 500 miles from Carlsbad to San Jose for my simple pleasure.  I look forward to connecting with my (old and yet to meet) friends.  My adventure is to walk, and to be in love, with the sights, sounds and smells.  What I do know is how alive and free I was when I walked those 900 miles last year!  I can revisit a space of wandering, I can recreate how I feel when I move through timelessness.

Please accept my invitation to join me or meet me or think of me when you can!  This journey is about me but only to give you permission to think of how it could be for you.  I expect to make this my way of life, let me go, where I may not have gone otherwise.  Let me provide you an Excuse to Go for a Walk.