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Founding Member, Joined March 2016
Walk2Connect Suite Certified*


About: Nicole is a former high school teacher turned generosity entrepreneur. After a chance encounter and walk with a 72-year-old woman in 2012, she founded Wild Dream Walks, an organization that brings our wildest dreams to reality. In 2015, she committed to walking with a new person every day, resulting in 403 walks with 1000’s of miles walked with an equal amount of people across the United States.

Nicole’s Niche: Nicole specializes in community building and human-centered design & systems. All her walks, whether 1-1, community initiated, or group facilitated are reflective, playful and based on nature’s lessons. She specializes in creating spaces for strangers to become friends within the first few steps of any walk.

1.) Dream Walks:  From WalkStorms to Dream Hikes, individual walkers will find themselves exercising their dream muscles while also listening to, contributing, and supporting each others visions. These walks are great for startups, entrepreneurs, newly graduated or retired, or anyone looking to explore their purpose, creativity, and things they care about in their lives. Most walks are 1-3 hours and are highly customizable.

2.) Community Building Walks: Taking note of unique assets in a community, like Little Free Libraries or 1-day special events,  Nicole specially designs walks to connect neighbors to each other quickly and highlight the often overlooked or underutilized gifts of a given place. These walks are generally 1-2 hours and customized to the requesting group and location. 

3.) Nature’s Reflections:  From a 3 hour walk around Botanic Gardens, to short full or new moon reflective walks to an overnight walking experience at the Colorado Sand Dunes these walks are designed to directly utilize examples from nature as tools for reflection, guidance, and discernment in areas related to dreams, growth, business, personal development, and spiritual practice.

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*Walk2Connect Suite Certified
Nicole is trained to provide a host of whole-health connection focused walking programs as a member-owner of the Walk2Connect Cooperative. These include but are not limited to speaking/presentations, Walking Movement Leader training, tool training and set-up, and technical assistance/support for newly trained leaders and developing programs. These services are offered locally, statewide, regionally, and nationally. You can download our Walk2Connect Suite pdf by clicking here to learn more.