Our Member-Owners

Walk2Connect Member-Owners are not only legal owners of our worker-cooperative, they are each seasoned whole-health walking leaders who have a wealth of knowledge and passion within their unique interest areas. You can click on each of their links to be taken to their individual profile page.

If you are interested in partnering with or hiring our co-op, please fill out our General Inquiry Form linked here.

Core Team – Operations

Alphabetical by last name

Maria Rosa Galter, May 2017

W2C Suite Certified*. Interests/skills: Contemplative Walking, Walking Meditation, Spiritual Development, Community Development, Spanish-Language Walks Read Maria Rosa’s story on Walk2Connect Stories here.

After many years of travel and work in the international non-profit sector, including East Africa, Maria Rosa understands the transformative power of engaging with communities. Maria Rosa believes that through spiritual expansion, joyful play, intentional work, and creative energy, we can align to our true purpose and work together to create a better world for each other. She holds a masters degree in non-profit management from Regis University. Maria Rosa’s insightful ecumenical spirituality, understanding of self-compassion, travel experience, and fluency in Spanish and English gives her the ideal skill set for developing our Spanish-language program, Caminar Para Conectar. Contact her at: [email protected]

Darcy Kitching, Founding Member

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W2C Suite Certified*. Interests/skills: Pedestrian Planning, Storytelling, Photography and Documentation, Walkable Community Design, Placemaking, Children & Youth. Founding member-owner. Read Darcy’s story on our blog here.

Ana Lucaci, May 2017

W2C Suite Certified*. Interests/skills: Pedestrian Safety, Walking for Health, Public Health and Urban Design Read Ana’s story on Walk2Connect Stories here.

Ana Lucaci joined Walk2Connect in 2017, when she was looking to start leading walks in Longmont. She has used walking as a means of transportation for many years, particularly while growing up and working in Romania. After a pedestrian/car accident, she became a walking advocate, helping others experience walking as a means of staying healthy and speaking out to make walking accessible and safe for all. She obtained a Certificate in Public Health from CU’s Colorado School of Public Health and holds a Masters of Public Health from Walden University. She is a 2017 graduate of the Walking College from America Walks. Contact Ana at: [email protected]

Dustin Ratcliff, Founding Member

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W2C Suite Certified*. Interests/skills: Long-distance Themed Walks, Day Hikes, Men & Young Men Themed. Founding member-owner. Read Dustin’s story on our blog here, and on Walk2Connect Stories here.

Sarah Schwallier, May 2017

W2C Suite Certified*. Interests/skills: Personal Training, Fitness, Walking for Weight Loss, TED Walks Read Sarah’s story on Walk2Connect Stories here.

Sarah grew up on a small farm in West Michigan, where she learned to appreciate the simple things in life. Sarah is a nature walking health coach who seeks to help people build healthy habits that last a lifetime. She is committed to inspiring individuals to become part of a healthy walking community. Through Walk2Connect, Sarah hopes to make large cities feel small and diverse connections thrive. Contact Sarah at: [email protected]

Additional Member-Owners

Alphabetical by last name

Chris Englert 

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W2C Suite Certified*. Interests/skills: Themed Tours, Local Food Connections, Multi-day Walking Vacations, Conference/Corporate Team-building. Founding Member-Owner. Read Chris’ story on Walk2Connect Stories here.

Nicole Huguenin

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W2C Suite Certified*. Interests/skills: Walking Retreats, Nature Connection Walks, Community Building Walks, Dream Walks. Founding Member-Owner. Read Nicole’s story on our blog here, and on Walk2Connect Stories here.

Sarah Massey-Warren

As a daily walker since high school, a writer, and a landscape architect, Sarah Massey-Warren has explored diverse environments for decades. Her explorations have allowed her to push boundaries in places as diverse as the California High Sierras, the Maine beaches, Michigan lake country, New England and Colorado mountains, Texas plains, Omaha bluffs, and urban areas in the United States, Canada, France, and the Czech Republic. She brings creative ways to explore the land, promote walkable environments, and to write about the importance of walking. Contact Sarah at: [email protected]


Jonathon Stalls, Founding Member 

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W2C Suite Certified*. Interests/skills: Contemplative/Reflective, Walkable Community Education, Whole-health Benefits of Walking, Long-distance Rambling. Founding Member-Owner.

Member-Owners Emeritus

Dawn Kirkwood, Founding Member 

While Dawn is no longer an owner, you will find her leading many walking experiences through our co-op throughout the year. Her contributions to the founding of the Walk2Connect Cooperative have been invaluable. Contact: [email protected]


*Walk2Connect Suite Certified
Member-Owners who are W2C Suite Certified can provide a host of whole-health and connection-focused walking programs in partnership with a variety of agencies, organizations, and community groups. These include but are not limited to speaking/presentations, Walking Movement Leader training, tool training and set-up, and technical assistance/support for newly trained leaders and developing programs. These services are offered locally, statewide, regionally, and nationally. You can download our Walk2Connect Suite pdf by clicking here to learn more.