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We empower individuals, community groups and organizations to bring #Lifeat3MPH into everything they do, building a more human and connected world through walking. When we slow down and walk shoulder to shoulder with each other, we start to feel the call to connection that is in each of us. 

We connect people to others, to themselves and to the places they live.

Walk or Roll with us to build a more connected world at 1, 2 or 3 MPH. 

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    Spring Snow Reveals....

    Spring Snow Reveals

    What a sloppy time of the year! It seems springtime in the Rockies is just one big muddy snowy mess right now. Out on a walk earlier today, I was pondering my desert experience in Tuscon. The landscape and weather could not be more different! Instead of cacti, trees. Instead of heat, cold. Instead of dry sand, puddles of melting snow. While sloshing through the snow-soaked ground, and noticing the patches of path showing through the snow, my images of exposed saguaro cactus bones came to mind.

    This Spring snow covers the new tender shoots with an extra layer of protective moisture much like the saguaro "flesh" and spikes protect the beautiful interior of the saguaro, much like my own defensive layers protect the beauty of my inner and vulnerable self from being seen. As a grandmother now, I am experiencing how these protective layers want to extend to shield my adorable, precious grandchildren from any future hurt. My "Lita Bear" (Abuelita Bear) nature wants to sweep them out of harms way, real or imagined.

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    Rambling in Boulder, Supporting Each Other

    Photo Credit to South Boulder resident SarahDawn Haynes

    It was this time of year, spring 2015, when I led my first community walk as a newly trained Walk2Connect Walking Movement Leader. My son was two years old, and I wanted to host a stroller-friendly fitness walk, so I designed a route around my neighborhood, where contiguous sidewalks and multi-use paths would make it easy for others to join me. Our Boulder Ramblers group started small, but it grew strong. And it all began at a cafe in the Table Mesa Shopping Center.

    This week, the store that anchors that shopping center - the store where I have bought my groceries for the past decade, where the familiar faces of the clerks and managers and Starbucks baristas make me feel at home - became the site of violence beyond my comprehension, beyond reason.

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