10,000 Steps Together Pledge

"Whether it's $20 with a t-shirt, joining as a co-op member, or engaging my organization or business in partnership, I/we pledge to walk (or roll) for my health, for my community, and for our planet. I also pledge to be a part of inspiring more and more people to move the way we're made to at a 1-3 mile per hour pace alongside and beyond the Walk2Connect Co-op network. I/we want to see this grassroots connection-focused walking community thrive in the months and years ahead!"

GOAL: $10,000  |  RAISED: $8,340
Updated as of June 15, 2020

As many of you might imagine, COVID-19 has significantly impacted all programming, operations, and income flowing through the Walk2Connect Cooperative. As a grassroots, community-run social enterprise, our organization doesn't fit into most mainstream funding opportunities, especially those being formed specifically for COVID-19. All of our outdoor/group programming has been put on pause and most of our grants, partnerships, and membership drives have been postponed or canceled.

Our goal for the 10K Steps Together effort is, as you might have figured out, $10,000. ; ) With all of our amazing donations received through Facebook and on our website in the month of April (Thank You Donors!) we’re well on our way to reaching our goal!

There are four ways to engage:

  • 10 Steps Together: Movement! Check out our 10 Steps Together Challenge created by Walking Movement Leader, Robin below.
  • 10 Steps and a T-shirt: Individual Pledge and a branded T-shirt* ENDS ON MAY 31st! ($20)  We partnered with a local screen printer to create a custom t-shirt. With your $20 t-shirt purchase, they will donate $10 to Walk2Connect (when you purchase a Walk2Connect t-shirt or select our organization at checkout for other products) Make your purchase at LoCo Threads by Family Fan Club #HereForGoodLoCo
  • 60 Steps: Co-op Non-voting Membership ($60) Become an official member of our co-op!
  • 400 Steps: Partnership ($400) We have 20 spots at $400/spot for focused partnership promotion and engagement throughout our channels (businesses, foundations, co-ops, nonprofits). See partnership flyer below and send us an email for more information: [email protected]

If you have benefited at all from past Walk2Connect programming and/or if you believe in (A) a creative grassroots organization addressing mental, emotional, physical, social, and environmental health through human movement and (B) more human connecting at an unhurried pace, please contribute and share! 

10 Steps Together: Movement!
Did you know our campaign name "10K Steps Together" was inspired by one of our Walking Movement Leaders, Robin in Boulder, Colorado? She has an ongoing creative project inviting all of us to submit short walking/rolling videos (from just outside your front door, on nearby streets/sidewalks/trails, and withing your own home!). Every week she creates an inspiring 2-minute video collection with our collective movement. Watch one of her videos here and feel inspired to send her an email with your 10 step/roll video: [email protected]

*New Walk2Connect T-shirt by LoCO Threads by Family Fan Club!
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10k Steps Together Partnership

10k Steps Together Partners
We are so grateful to have each of these amazing partners alongside our campaign. Please visit their webpages and social media profiles to learn more about their work and movement in the world.
Beanstalk Foundation