Meet the Team

Core Coop Owners

Maria Rosa Galter Nature-Connected Life Coach & Soul Guide. Founder of Walking Inspiritus. Member-Owner of Walk2Connect Co-op since 2017.
Ana Lucaci Joined Walk2Connect in 2016. Founder of Made2Walk. Passionate about Walking College mentoring, public health, pedestrian safety advocate. Romanian-American.
Sarah Schwallier Joined Walk2Connect in 2014. Founder of Strides Life. Passionate about being a Nature Walking Health Coach, all things health and wellness related, Ted Talks & Tropical beaches.

Movement Building Coop Owners

Nicole Huguenin Nicole is a generosity entrepreneur and community organizer, meaning she’s involved in a lot of efforts that liberate, regenerate, and recalibrate how we bring more good into the world. Some of her initiatives and projects include, the Trailer of Trash, D
Darcy Kitching Founding member-owner of the @walk2connect cooperative. Walker, mother, urban planner, child-friendly cities advocate. #Lifeat3MPH
Jonathon Stalls Jonathon spent 242 days walking across the U.S. in 2010. He is an artist, social entrepreneur, human/Earth justice advocate, LGBTQIA+, Creator of Intrinsic Paths, and Founder of Walk2Connect.

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