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Ana Lucaci has used walking as a means of transportation for many years, particularly while growing up and working in Romania. After a pedestrian-car crash, she became a walking advocate, helping others experience walking as a means of staying healthy and speaking out to make walking accessible and safe for all. She holds a Masters of Public Health and is a 2017 graduate of America Walks' Walking College.She is now a mentor in Walking College program since 2019, a member of the American Public Health Association, a Commissioner on City of Longmont’s Planning and Zoning Commission and actively engaged in walkability issues in her community. 

Ana is founder and principal at Made2Walk where she primarily focuses on pedestrian safety in relation to traffic and the built environment. Even as a motorist we are a pedestrian at some point during the day. Her work focuses on preventing pedestrian injuries and fatalities by approaching it from 3 directions: decrease the number of trips taken in a vehicle (especially those taken in an SUV), working with planners and engineers to improve walkability and safety, and educating motorists on how they can be more responsible in traffic around those that are most vulnerable: pedestrians!



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If you would like to get in touch with Ana or inquire about partnership and collaboration, please fill out the Made2Walk Inquiry Form here. You can also email her directly at: ana (at) made2walk (dot) com. 

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Ana Lucaci
Ana Lucaci 433sc
Core Co-Op Owner Walking Movement Leader
Joined Walk2Connect in 2016. Founder of Made2Walk. Passionate about Walking College mentoring, public health, pedestrian safety advocate. Romanian-American.