Cherry's Story

[Cherry is a Walk2Connect Walking Movement Leader in Longmont, Colorado. Featured by Darcy Kitching]

Anything with activity, fun, connection with people – I’m up for it! When I first started walking with Walk2Connect, I wanted to get healthier and build my endurance and strength. I suffered from a lot of different health conditions: pre-diabetes, obesity, acid reflux, snoring. They were all weight-related conditions. I decided that if I wanted to live a healthier life, it had to start with me. I had to find something that worked for me.


When I started walking with our group in Longmont, I discovered that I enjoy connecting with nature – something I hadn’t really done before. I was so happy to find people to walk with, and to help others. I have a couple of walks now and I’m always inviting people to come walk with me. I listen to the community – some people asked me to do an evening walk during the week, so I added Wednesday at sunset, and we have a great group now. Before you know it, people are asking, ‘Oh, you do a walk? When?’

I’ve always been a timid and shy person, and I deal with some anxiety. So, this has helped me a lot – getting out of my comfort zone has encouraged me to become a better leader and community member. I can see how much walking and connecting with people is needed. Best of all, it’s free!