COVID-19 Walk2Connect Announcement

Update May 28, 2020


We are excited to announce that we will reinstating some walking events with appropriate social distancing guidelines starting June 1, 2020. We missed you walking alongside you and while we still can't hug, we will be happy to walk in your presence.

We invite everyone to follow these simple steps in order to keep each other safe when in each other's company during our walks:

Please visit each Chapter's Meetup for most up to date list of events.

To view our more comprehensive guidelines for walkers and Walking Movement Leaders, see our List.



Update April 23, 2020


We continue to suspend our walking in-person events due to the pandemic, until further notice. We will reevaluate in a month or when new guidance comes is released. Stay safe and follow your local guidance for outdoor activities.

Please join us on in our Walk2Connect Community facebook group for frequent inspirations and walking challenges. We can also find us on our facebook page, instagram, twitter, youtube, newsletter (scroll to bottom of this page).

How can you help keep our MOVEMENT go forward? Join our Cooperative as a Supporter Member TODAY to get first access to our future events and other perks or donate. Our monthly expenses have not been canceled and we need your help to keep all our tools up for when we can gather at the start line. THANK YOU!



Update March 28, 2020


We continue to suspend our walking in-person events due to the pandemic, until further notice.

Please join us on in our Walk2Connect Community facebook group for daily inspirations and walking challenges. We can also find us on our facebook page, instagram and twitter.

Join our Cooperative as a Supporter Member TODAY to get first access to our future events and other perks.





Update March 16, 2020

Effective, March 17, 2020, all Walk2Connect events (walks or gatherings) will be suspended for a period of at least 15 days, according to the White House guidelines. We will update our announcement as instructions and decisions are made available after this period.

We are going through some uncertain times of what we should do and how we should do things. We have consulted with the WMLs that are currently leading walks to check how comfortable they are with continuing their walks. While some expressed they would like to keep the walks going, in light of recent developments and local directions, some requested to pause their walks.

Due to an abundance of caution around coronavirus concerns about the health of our walking leaders and our participants, AND the recent White House recommendations (remember we are present in multiple states in the US and London, UK), Walk2Connect leadership has decided to suspend all walking events for the next 15 days. 

Even if the virus is less likely to be spread outdoors, social distancing rules during our walks (6 feet distance) can be easily broken (we love to connect!) or hard to commit to (since the sidewalks and trails are not wide enough to facilitate the distance). So we need to do better and flatten the curve of this pandemic!

This pause will start as Tuesday, March 17, 2020. We will update the website calendar and we will take the walks down from Meetup on Wednesday if you haven't done so already.

We will review in April where we are, and how long will we continue the pause. Stay tuned!

In the meantime...

We recommend going on solo walks or with your family (have you noticed how many people are out walking now??), as long as the authorities allow it

Let's keep our movement going (whether you are out walking or not) in our Walk2Connect Community facebook group. We intend to continue to inspire our audience with pictures, videos, quotes, memes, and keep everyone's hopes up that we'll get passed this together.

How is this affecting Walk2Connect?

First, we hope that once we pass these challenging times you will continue to lead or start a new walk, to continue our movement and the work that lots of you have been dedicating for the past 8 years (since 2012, when Jonathon founded Walk2Connect!). 

Like many other community organizations, this will impact our yearly goals, financially and member growth. We rely heavily on our partners, sponsorships, and fee-based walks to keep the operations of our coop going, so it will dishonest if we were not worried about what the Coronavirus effects would have in the long run.

Our core-owners and movement-builder owners are still working hard behind the scenes to keep the coop going and work on any projects that can be done "from home".

What's next?

Walk2Connect has been planning for the past few months to come with an official coop Supporter Membership that anyone can opt in. This replaces our Champion program, giving the Supporter one stock in the coop (if profit should occur), and other perks and special events that only coop members will have access to.

We are still planning to launch the Supporter membership and we would like to see many of you becoming part of our coop member family!

Become a Member NOW

ALSO, be on the lookout for some zoom invites to keep each other connected and learn more about our coop!

Be Well!



Original announcement published March 13

While getting outside and connecting to each other is what we always encourage people to do, we have been receiving questions recently in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Note that Walk2Connect Coop is present in several states in the US and around London, UK, so stricter local guidelines may apply. Please follow instructions from your local health department.


Here are a few answers to your questions:

  • Which walks are canceled?

Please check our calendar frequently if you plan to attend a Walk2Connect event. We are in close contact with our Walking Movement Leaders to update our calendar in case of any cancellations. Sand Creek Greenway series has been postponed. When checking for a walk, click on the event. If you get the message "The page you were looking for was not found.", the event is not happening.

  • Who should avoid attending walks?

If you are sick (respiratory illness symptoms, fever, etc.) or living with individuals who are sick, please stay home and follow protocol. Anyone that is in a higher risk of getting ill category.

  • Ca I cancel my ticket/RSVP for a walk and get a refund?

If you want to cancel your participation at a fee-based walk or RSVP required walk, please do so as soon as you know. This will help our walking organizers in the planning and also release some openings where a individuals have been placed on a waiting list. We will not charge cancellation fees, but transaction fees may not be refundable. Some cancellations may come from our end as well.


Lots of us like to give hugs and handshakes when we greet people to express our excitement or feelings. With the virus being spread by contact with the coughed droplets on surfaces, we are letting our walkers know that it is ok not to shake hands and give/get hugs in such conditions. We adopted the "foot shake" if you are inclined to still have a form of salute with each other - and it can be fun if you keep skipping while tapping :) It is also optional, no contact is absolutely fine. Be cautious touching public surfaces (e.g. handle bars, playgrounds, trash cans) that you don't know if they have been sanitized.


A huge shoutout to our Walking Movement Leaders!  


Take steps to protect yourself when out  - we recommend following the CDC guidelines or NHS Website on this:

  • Clean your hands often (at the start of the walk and at the end)
  • Cover coughs and sneezes into your elbow or disposable tissue
  • Clean and disinfect contact surfaces (ensure solution has at least 70% alcohol or EPA approved)


We hope that you stay healthy and if you just need to take some solo walks for awhile, you know we support that as well. Feel free to share your walks through our Walk2Connect Community facebook group or send your pictures to [email protected] 


All of us at Walk2Connect send you virtual hugs!