Des's Story

Des has a passion to bring people together, to experience belonging and to celebrate the rich diversity whenever people come together. This is probably deeply rooted in his own experience, having moved to London in the mid-sixties as a six-year-old boy with his siblings and parents starting a new life in a new city and culture, having to learn the language and how to find a way to belong. 


He has worked with people all of his adult life, teaching teenagers, developing leaders and leading a church community and helping to build a grassroots broad-based community organization in the UK. He first came across Walk2Connect in 2017 when he met Jonathon Stalls in Denver and was introduced to a way of connecting people and communities through the simple act of walking or Lifeat3mph. 


With his love for walking and passion for connecting people, Walk2Connect was a perfect tool to introduce to London. He has organized a variety of walks over the past few years, but just recently launched Woven Walks, in his desire to offer an invitation to people to slow down and really lean into living life at 1,2 or 3 MPH to weave their own lives with others and the communities they live in. 

Des is the first Walk2Connect International Chapter!

Join his, Tooting Bec Common, walk every Friday at 9:30 am.