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The Walk2Connect Cooperative empowers individuals, community groups and businesses to bring [email protected] into everything they do, building a more human and connected world through walking.

Now entering our 7th year of operation, W2C entered into a fiscal agent relationship with Trailhead Institute in 2018. Our new relationship with Trailhead Institute allows us to become a “hybrid” social enterprise, keeping our for-profit Co-op structure, Walk2Connect Co-op, while facilitating a non-profit arm, Friends of Walk2Connect, to flourish alongside Walk2Connect, through which we can accept tax-deductible donations and sponsorships for our non-profit work.

The fiscal agent relationship helps expand our non-profit work in underserved communities through our Connection Focused Walking Programs with the aim of moving marginalized communities into deeper pathways of sustained personal and communal health, community connection, and pedestrian safety advocacy and education. We recognize that to build trust in the communities we want to serve, the most effective way of supporting them is through informal grassroots relationship building by walking alongside them. This process allows us to listen and mold our non-profit Connection Focused Walking Programs to meet the unique interests and needs of each community and help sustain the walking program and the leaders involved.

Both Friends of Walk2Connect and Connection Focused Walking Programs are sustained by tax-deductible donations made by individuals, sponsorships, as well as grants from local and national foundations and donor designated funds through Trailhead Institute. Your donations will help fund our free walking programs with refugees, immigrants, and other underserved communities.

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