• Nature Mindfulness Walk


    FRIDAY, JUNE 18 @ 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM


    TYPE: Program | PACE: Conversational | TERRAIN: Paved Path/Dirt trail/Off trail | DISTANCE: Approx. 3 miles 

    Nature-Connected Life Guides, Sheri Peterson (Walking Movement Leader and founder of Your Path Coach) and Maria Rosa Galter (W2C Core Owner and founder of Walking Inspiritus) invite you to join them on Friday, June 18 @ 1:00-2:30 PM for an afternoon of deepening connection to the beauty of Nature. Take some intentional time in Nature on this "Nature Mindfulness Walk". You will be guided through a variety of Nature-Connecting practices to remember that we are Nature in connection to all living beings.

    About Maria Rosa Galter from Walking Inspiritus is a Walk2Connect Core-Owner. invites you to experience the benefits of Nature-Connection during this Nature Mindfulness Walk. Maria, certified Nature-Connection Life Coaching and graduate of Earth Based Institute, believes that through intentional Nature-Connection, we connect with and heal ourselves, each other, and our Earth. We are called to be tugged by the beauty of nature to walk in the world in our full "wholeness", engaged with what brings us most joy, living a Soul-Directed Life. 

    About Sheri Peterson from Your Path Coach:  Sheri is a certified Nature Connected Coach by the *Earth-Based Institute. Her purpose is to partner with you on your path towards the change you are seeking. She believes we are each unique, gifted parts of a whole, called to live into our fullest expression. To live out our role in this earth community we need to be connected to self, source and surroundings.  

    Schedule and Planning: 

    Trip Notes:

    Wear and Bring:
    • Clothing you can move freely in and good walking shoes
    • Appropriate gear for the weather: rainjacket, sun screen, hat, windbreaker, etc.
    • Water Bottle

    – Dogs are not allowed on this one.

    – Restrooms are available at the trailhead before we go. Please plan to use restroom before our hike.

    – Cancellation Policy: We only cancel in extreme weather conditions on our path, such as ice, hail, or lightning. Text Maria for the most up-to-date conditions.

    Friday, June 18, 2021 at 01:00 PM · 5 rsvps
    Bear Creek Lake Park in Morrison, CO
    5 RSVPs
  • Wild Wisdom Wander: Take a Walk on the Wild Side


    Saturday, June 19 @ 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

    Cost: $55 for non-members; $45 for Walk2Connect Members

    Miles:  3 miles  |  Terrain:  dirt road, trails, ~300 ft of elevation gain 

    Nature's Wheel turns to the summer! Time to experience our "Wild Indigenous One" as we connect with our animal body, play in the abundance of Nature, and make flower crowns as the sun "stands still" above the noon-time sky. This longest day of the year is an opportunity to welcome growth, exploration, experimentation, and creativity in your life through Nature-Connecting and Qoya movement practices*.

    *We will also be practicing Qoya during this wander, a body-based movement practice. Qoya is based on the simple idea that through movement, we remember our essence as women is wise, wild and free. The movements in Qoya reflect these themes: Wise—movement connected with breath, Wild—the experience of moving the way your body wants to move, and Free—the freedom to find pleasure in our bodies without focusing on how they look. We reclaim our capacity to access our inner wisdom, express ourselves authentically, and practice being true to ourselves in the midst of life’s blessings and challenges. The very best thing about Qoya is that there is no way to do it wrong, and the way you know you are doing it right is that it feels right to you!
    Maria from Walking Inspiritus and Jennifer, from Remember Your Wings, will lead your experience as you: 
    • Take time to immerse yourself with the healing sights, sounds and smells of nature.
    • Walk and be with the land through guided meditations to activate your intuition and help you gain insight
    • Reconnect with nature and let its wisdom shed light on your inner knowing through reflections and journaling
    • Experience yourself as Wise, Wild & Free as you practice Qoya outdoors 
    • Connect and share with others on the welcoming lap of Mother Earth
    Wear and Bring:
    • Clothing you can move freely in and good walking shoes
    • Appropriate gear for the weather: rainjacket, sun screen, hat, windbreaker, etc.
    • Water Bottle
    • Snacks and Lunch
    • Journal/pen
    • Small towel/blanket to sit and lay on
    • Walking poles or stick
    Directions: From Denver take I-70 west to exit 248 - Beaver Brook.  Exit the highway and turn left onto US-40 (Frontage Road) and head west.  Turn left to cross over I-70 on the bridge and turn left on Hyland Drive.  Stay on Hyland Drive as it becomes Beaver Brook Canyon Road.  Once the pavement ends, continue for 1.7 miles to the Clear Creek County Open Space sign on the right. The parking area is .1 miles past this sign.  After the pavement ends the dirt road begins.  In good weather this road should be fine for most vehicles but if the weather is wet or the road is snowy and damp, then you may want to exercise caution and take an AWD or 4WD vehicle. Google Maps.
    Investment: $55 per person (non Walk2Connect Members); $45 per person (Walk2Connect Members)
    Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 09:30 AM · $45.00 USD · 3 rsvps
    3 RSVPs
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