Is this a walking group/club?


Walk2Connect is so much more than a walking group or club! We build grassroots walking communities that welcome everyone and lead to more safe, comfortable and convenient walking opportunities for all. You do not have to be a member to join our walks, though we encourage walk participants to support our work by becoming a member or making a donation. We focus on connecting people everywhere to themselves, each other, and the places around them.

Why do I have to sign a waiver?


Our waiver serves as both a liability waiver and a photo release. You only have to sign it once per calendar year and is valid for all Walk2Connect walks.

Review and sign our Welcome Waiver here.

Is Walk2Connect a non-profit?


Walk2Connect is a hybrid socially minded cooperative, not an LLC or non-profit.  Though we are not a non-profit, we are able to accept tax-deductible donations through "Friends of Walk2Connect", a program through our fiscal sponsor, Trailhead Institute. See our Engage page for more details on how to make a tax-deductible donation.

What is STSP?


STSP means Same Time Same Place. It refers to recurring walks that either start at the same time and day of the week or month. This term is being replaced with reoccurring so there is less confusion but some of our seasoned leaders still like to use the STSP acronym.  

Why aren’t there walks near me when it’s convenient for me?


Most of our walks are led by our volunteer Walking Movement Leaders. Since they are volunteers, they decide when to start a walk, where and how often. Everyone is invited to take our training to become a Walking Movement Leader and lead walks in their community.

How do I become a Walking Movement Leader?


Go to our Event page and look for a training in your area (or a location you can attend). If you don’t see one, email us to be places on a waiting list to be notified of the upcoming trainings.

Is there a fee for becoming a Walking Movement Leader?


Our dearest desire would be to offer free trainings to individuals who would like to lead walks in their areas! However, to cover the operating costs related to running the co-op, we charge a one-time training fee that includes a one year membership at $5 per month.

We also partner with organizations who want to further their mission by using walking as a community engagement tool.

How do I become an owner in the co-op?


Visit About Us page to learn the Qualifications, Benefits and Responsibilities to become a co-op owner

Why do you have fee-based walks?


Some walks necessitate a lot more planning (long-distance) or provide knowledge or entry to places that should be compensated and we do not have a partner to cover the costs.