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Jonathon Stalls Founded Walk2Connect in 2012, served as a Founding Core Co-op Owner for several years, and is now a Co-op Movement Owner. He was inspired to create a grassroots network focused on human connection (to one another, to self, and to the planet) by moving the way we are made to move after his 242-day walk across the USA in 2010. You can watch his 2013 TEDx Talk here to learn more about the formation of Walk2Connect.

Jonathon is now primarily working as an artist with Intrinsic Paths. His creative work continues to inspire unhurried human movement in the way of practices, writing, artwork, hosting walking meditations, inspiring/creating long-distance walking routes, managing a campaign called Pedestrian Dignity, and much more. He is actively working alongside the Walk2Connect Co-op in communications, programming (specifically with new partnerships, forming chapters, and in Colorado's San Luis Valley).

You can learn more about Jonathon's creative work at Intrinsic Paths by:

1. Visiting the website here.

2. Checking out the Ways of Walking Online Learning Series here.

3. Becoming an Intrinsic Paths Patron here.

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If you would like to get in touch with Jonathon or inquire about partnership and collaboration, please fill out the Intrinsic Paths Inquiry Form here. You can also email him directly at: jonathon (at) intrinsicpaths (dot) com. 

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Jonathon Stalls
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Movement Building Co-Op Owner Walking Movement Leader
Jonathon spent 242 days walking across the U.S. in 2010. He is an artist, social entrepreneur, human/Earth justice advocate, LGBTQIA+, Creator of Intrinsic Paths, and Founder of Walk2Connect.