March Movement Circle Training

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We are so grateful you are interested in becoming a Movement Circle Leader! As noted on our main program page, Movement Circle Leaders will be inspired and nurtured by the leaders (YOU). This means future leaders (YOU) will discern whether their circle is organized by local area/region, themes/topics, or various/shared interests. Leaders will be encouraged to join monthly gatherings (happening after each new training) and to commit to nurturing their group for at least 3 months. We will cover each of these things in our training and much more related to suggestions/tips on creating walking routes, maximizing group connection, group safety, etc.

In our Movement Circle Leader trainings, you will:

  • Connect to a variety of ideas, examples, and tangible next steps for forming your movement circle.
  • Learn meaningful skills related to maximizing/inspiring healthy connection with others, with place and with self.
  • Learn strategies to create safe and inspiring walking/movement routes
  • Learn strategies in hosting safe, accessible, and inclusive walking/rolling experiences.
  • Learn strategies to honor inclusion, equity, and healthy group connection.
  • Connect to a thriving & growing peer-to-peer leader network for ideas, support, and friendship.
  • and more!

Training Schedule: Trainings and check-in will be 2 and 1/2 hours in total. The first 1 and 1/2 hours will be the Movement Circle Leader training. The last hour will be for already trained Walking Movement Leaders* and Movement Circle Leaders to share ideas, check-in, ask questions, and make meaningful connections.

Training Fees:
Fees go directly to welcome kits and day-to-day operations of our grassroots co-op!

$45 - NEW Leaders (includes Visibility Welcome Kit below)
$35 - NEW Leaders who also become Walk2Connect Co-op Members (includes Visibility Welcome Kit below). See $95 option in the ticketing options for Annual Membership. If you are interested in the $5/month membership option, please go to membership page and set up your monthly recurring membership of $5 and then return to get your appropriate ticket. Learn more about membership here.
$35 - Already Trained Walking Movement Leaders who want Visibility Welcome Kit
$25 - Already Training Walking Movement Leaders who are Co-op Members who want Visibility Welcome Kit
No Fee - Already Trained Walking Movement Leaders who don't want Visibility Welcome Kit. If you fit into this category, please email us at: [email protected] and we will add your name to the training list.**

If you are seeking scholarship for training, please fill this form here.

*We highly encourage that all already trained Walking Movement Leaders attend one the Movement Circle Training before participating in the check-in hour.
**We also highly encourage that all who attend trainings and check-ins and all who participate in our Movement Circle program become Walk2Connect Co-op Members. ;)

Sponsorship & Partnership: If you, your organization, or your local business are curious about sponsoring and supporting this program, please reach out to us at [email protected]! Sponsors will get plenty of recognition, celebration, and exposure to our network and grassroots community through the program (in our trainings, websites, social media, email campaigns and more). 

$250 - Connection Sponsor
$500 - Movement Sponsor
$1000 - Inspiration Sponsor
$5000 - Title Sponsor

Questions, Zoom Details & Flexibility: Please reach out to our team if you have any questions: [email protected] All trainings at this time will be held on Zoom. You will be sent zoom information soon after signing up and again soon before the training. Please be patient with our tools and systems as we learn and experiment with this new program!

March 24, 2021 at 5:00pm - 7:30pm
Walk2Connect Co-op · · 720 593 0159
Welcome Waiver: If you have not joined one of our walks yet this year, please take a moment to sign our online Welcome Waiver, available here: All participants must sign the waiver prior to this event.
Phyllis Mack Camille Sampino

Will you come?

$95.00 NEW Movement Circle Leader + Annual Co-op Membership of $60!
Includes Visibility Welcome Kit. You will be added to our membership list and will start receiving membership invitations/updates!
$45.00 NEW Movement Circle Leader (Non-Member)
Includes Visibility Welcome Kit
$35.00 NEW Movement Circle Leader + Monthly Co-op Membership $5/mo
Please purchase your monthly membership first before selecting this option! You will be added to our membership list and will receive ongoing perks/invitations for members!
$35.00 Visibility Kit for Already Existing Walking Movement Leaders (Non-Member)
For already existing Walking Movement Leaders and Movement Circle participants to receive a Visibility Welcome Kit.
$25.00 Visibility Kit for Already Existing Walking Movement Leaders who are Co-op Members!
If you are not yet a member, please visit our membership page and join up as a member first ($5/mo or $60/annual).