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Maria Rosa Galter 

Maria is founder of Walking Inspiritus, a transformational Nature-based Life Coaching and Soul Guiding practice. Currently enrolled in Earth Based Institute's Nature Connnected Life Coaching program, a program approved by the International Coach Federation, she is responding even more deeply to the Spirit's call for all of us to be transformed through greater awareness and connection with Nature. Maria believes that Nature is longing for our renewed participation and that through spiritual expansion, joyful play, intention-filled work, and creative energy, we can align to our true purpose and co-create a more compassionate world for our Earth, for ourselves and for each other.  

Maria believes in the transformative power of walking in Creation. As a Member-Owner of Walk2Connect, her passion for leading contemplative hikes and walks continues to thrive thanks to the beautiful and supportive community of this Co-op. 

Through Walking Inspiritus, Maria offers Life Coaching and Soul Guiding for individuals seeking to live a soul-directed life. She also offers transformational team coaching for organizations who desire to nurture a shared recognition of each other's strengths and unique role in the team's "ecosystem". Your team's transformation will lead to stronger individual and team commitment to collective action and advancement of your organizational mission.   

Coaching is offered in both English and Spanish.

Walking Inspiritus offers many pathways to greater self-awareness and reconnection with Nature.

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To contact Maria to explore Life Coaching or Soul Guiding, contact her here.

The Master once referred to the Hindu notion that all creation is “leela”— God’s play—and the universe is his playground. The aim of spirituality, he claimed, is to make all life play.

This seemed too frivolous for a puritanical visitor. “Is there no room then for work?”

“Of course there is. But work becomes spiritual only when it is transformed into play.”

--Anthony de Mello

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Core Co-Op Owner Walking Movement Leader Partner
Nature-Connected Life Coach & Soul Guide. Founder of Walking Inspiritus. Member-Owner of Walk2Connect Co-op since 2017.