New York


Welcome to Walk2Connect New York! 

We empower individuals, community groups, and organizations to bring #Lifeat3MPH into everything they do, building a more human and connected world through walking. When we slow down and walk shoulder to shoulder with each other, we start to feel the call to connection that is in each of us. 

We connect people to others, to themselves, and to the places they live.
Walk or Roll with us to build a more connected world at 1, 2 or 3 MPH. 

Meet your Walk leader, Sean. Walking through our time and through our spaces has empowered me to not only engage with myself, improving both my physical and mental health, but has also empowered me to simply connect with others. I love it! I hope our paths cross soon. Read more about Sean here

Upcoming Events


Lookout Walk at Ft Tryon!

Join us on Saturday, October 17th from 1:00-2:30 PM




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**Want to help me grow this grassroots #lifeat3mph movement? Become a Walking Movement Leader and help lead walks in your area.