About Our Walking Chapters

Our [email protected] Walking Movement relies on trained volunteers, called Walking Movement Leaders, who create ways for people to form genuine connection through walking. Since 2012, we have trained over 600 individuals to lead walks in their favorite places, inviting people from all walks of life to form unique grassroots Chapters, inspiring thousands to get out, connect, and walk. Over the  years, these volunteer-led Chapters have become trusted networks of family, friends, and neighbors who walk together regularly for a variety of reasons. You will find Walk2Connect Walking Chapters throughout the State of Colorado and fledgling Chapters throughout the US and beyond. 

Our Walking Chapters are rooted in communities that become strong, resilient, and healthy communities that are rooted in connection to others, the places they call their own, and to themselves. Through connection-focused walking, individuals and communities become resilient voices for public health and human connection while also inspiring education and awareness related to walkable community design.

Check out and join one of our Walking Chapters below!  If you don't see a Walking Chapter in your state, contact us, HERE,  and we will move alongside you to create a Walking Chapter in your area!

If you or your organization is interested in partnering with us to use walking as a community engagement tool to advance your mission, consider becoming a PARTNER by contacting us, HERE


Walking Chapters

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