Walk2Connect is an innovative, socially-focused, hybrid cooperative that envisions strong, resilient, and healthy communities that are rooted in connection to others, the places they call their own, and to themselves. Through connection-focused walking, communities become resilient voices that advance the importance of their own health, connection to their own community, walkable community design, and their unique pedestrian/mobility experience.

Not only do we train community members to become walking advocates through our leader training program, we also engage with partners to advance their mission using walking as an embodied community engagement tool. Through partner contracts, our hybrid social enterprise co-op provides technical expertise on issues related to walkable community design, local leadership development, community engagement, and public health, while also helping to sustain our growing community efforts.

We hope you will move with us! Consider joining our grassroots membership community or connecting with us
around partnership

Our Mission


The Walk2Connect Cooperative empowers individuals, community groups and organizations to bring [email protected] into everything they do, building a more human and connected world through walking.


Our Values

We cultivate genuine connection by creating opportunities for people to encounter and get to know one another, enrich their own internal sense of self and spirit, and creatively engage with the places in their lives on foot (or by wheelchair).

We build grassroots community by fostering respectful relationships and trust in all of our programs, from the bottom up.

We exemplify healthy movement by aiding the transition toward a more walk-friendly world one step at a time and inviting participants in our cooperative to move in and out of roles as their lives progress and change.

We honor equity and inclusiveness at every level, recognizing that walking or rolling is a fundamental human behavior and right - the very foundation of our way of engaging with the world. We deliberately include and engage people of color, people with disabilities, older individuals, and other diverse communities in our work to create a more inclusive and connected world. Walk2Connect Co-op commits to the long, learning and unlearning, journey to be an anti-racist organization.

And as a cooperative social business, we demonstrate interdependence by practicing democratic decision-making and going beyond the triple bottom line to employ numerous forms of capital that recognize the value of every contribution.

Our Co-Op Structure


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Our History


Jonathon Stalls founded Walk2Connect as a social business in 2012 after he walked from Delaware to California and experienced the profound transformational effects of life at 3 miles per hour. In March 2016, Walk2Connect transitioned to become a democratically run worker-owned cooperative. 

In 2018, Walk2Connect entered into a fiscal agent relationship with Trailhead Institute to expand our not-for-profit connection-focused walking programs with the aim of moving people and communities to deeper pathways of sustained personal and communal health, community connection, and pedestrian safety advocacy and education. We recognize that to build trust in the communities we want to serve, the most effective way of supporting them is through informal grassroots relationship building by walking alongside them. This process allows us to listen and shape our connection-focused walking programs to meet the unique interests and needs of each community and help sustain the walking program and the leaders involved. 

We had the honor to work with Meetup.com to highlight Jonathon’s story in 2018. Check out that video below. 

We hope you will move with us!

Consider joining our grassroots membership community or connecting with us around partnership. Learn more here: