Peaceful Streets

By: Walk2Connect Cooperative, Jonathon Stalls

Cool mist and air. Swirling clouds. Thousands of porcelain skinned, blonde, wool covered Nordic people. There is a story of peace and contentment here that teaches. No eye rolling at slow cashiers or long walk signals. Iceland gems – arm in arm – are happy to walk in the rain.

This is Day 1 of my short trip to Iceland and Scotland. I’ll only be in this enchanted place for one more day. On August 30th I’m set to fly to Scotland to walk the G reat Glenn Way from Ft William to Inverness. My goals for this journey are to slow the mind and plan for Walk2Connect programming for 2014. I’ll also be taking many notes on how to prep Colorado folks in taking long-distance walking trips in Scotland. My trip will end with a an incredible event celebrating the marriage of a dear Irish friend in Edinburgh.

This island holds a special gift. I can literally feel how Iceland’s geographic, cultural and historical story of independence keeps locals proud of their unique Nordic language and traditions. While most people here easily understand and speak English, most opt for using their native Icelandic tongue. Its beautiful to listen too.

I walked several miles today around and through the city and in-between found several stones to sit on outlining the Western coast of Reykjavik. Jelly fish of all shades of white, yellow, orange and purple twirled their way to the water’s surface.

It was such a joy to begin feeling the layers of work and home life fall to the floor making more and more room for being and listening.

The snack / grocery stations here (equivalent to our 7-11) are stocked with two things that should instigate serious activism around our food options in the U. S. A. : 1) Multiple rows of healthy ready made home made meals NOT a single static fridge offering ‘food’ with 100+ chemicals in sealed exported plastic 2) Cadbury chocolate – nuff said.

I’m drowsing off as I find a way to tie this post together. I’ll be catching the city bus to hike up the nearby Esja mountain just North of Reykjavik tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Thanks for reading and I’ll try to touch base soon.

– Jonathon