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Nature Connection During COVID-19 Times!

A backyard meander was just what my 3 year old grandson and I needed last week. His life has changed quite dramatically over the past few weeks--no more school, no more friends, mom and dad are at home trading off working and caring for him, AND he doesn't get a break from baby brother. No wonder he was crying on the floor when I arrived an early morning last week to spend some time with him. A change of scenery was just what he needed. How fortunate that we just needed to open the door to the world of Nature in his backyard. Though we didn't go for a walk, running around on the grass, listening to the birds, smelling the bark of his cottonwood tree, and creating a magical forest was just what we both needed to feel more grounded and connected with the healing power of the Earth. Perhaps some Nature Connecting activities are just what you and your family need too! Try these out and observe how your state of being is transformed.

Sit Spot--Find a spot in your home or your yard where you can sit with Nature. Sit quietly for at least 20 minutes, sensing how your presence blends with the presence of the Natural world around you. Open your ears to listen to even the smallest sound and also the farthest sound you can hear. Observe the colors and textures around you. Open your eyes in Wide-Eyed Vision to absorb every movement. Take a moment to realize that you too are being observed. Allow yourself to settle and remind yourself that you are not separate from the Natural world, but that you too are Nature.

Nature Wander-With no specific destination in mind, take a wander in your yard. While you walk, observe all the things that move. After a little while, observe all things with texture, observe the contrast between things in the light and those in shadow. Do the same with each of your senses. Take in what you see, smell, sense, touch, taste. Ask yourself: What did I notice in Nature? in myself? What meaning does this have for me? What does it teach me?

Do both of these activities while inside your home. Look around your home and see how Nature is present within your home. Everything we have comes from Nature. Create a sit spot where you can connect with Nature within your home. Observe the qualities of the items that come from Nature. How were they made? Where did they come from? Who made them? Spend some time in gratitude for the collaboration of Nature and the work of human hands.

Go on a Nature Wander inside your own home. As in the example above, use your senses to explore how Nature is present and nourishes you within your own home. Ask yourself the same questions.


Maria Rosa Galter

Walk2Connect Core-Owner

Founder, Walking Inspiritus and Nature Connected Soul Guide and Life Coach

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