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Wide Eyed Wander

As I wandered last week behind my "tree house", I felt the urge to create. These times of "social isolation" are unleashing a frenzy of creativity: businesses are sending employees to work remotely from home, fitness studios are uploading workout videos, Walk2Connect is creating virtual walking experiences for their community of walkers.... We are finding ways to create and connect despite the call to isolate ourselves.

I followed my urge. The vision of a Nature Mandala came to mind. I've been making these mandalas lately and I had seen some unusual dry oak leaves now revealed under the receding snow. I thought they'd be perfect for today's mandala.

Walking like a forager, I asked the Land to provide me with what I needed for the mandala. Suddenly my eyes caught sight of juniper berries laying on the ground underneath their mother plant. With excitement, I realized they were saying, "Pick me, pick me!" I stooped with gratitude to pick the delicate yet firm berries and put them in my pocket. With a chuckle at the playful encounter with the berries, I began to envision what else the Land might provide for the mandala. What else would crave my attention and make itself know to me?

With Wide-Eyed Vision--the practice of seeing with wonder as much of the Land as possible that is around us--I tuned into Nature as I made my way to the oak leaves I had seen the other day. I saw some ponderosa needles laying on the ground. Again, the urgent "Pick me, pick me!" sounded in my ears. With delight, I picked them up. Then more clusters of needles joined in the urgent, hand-raised chorus. So many wanted to play and create!

I finally found my oak leaves, more fir needles, pine cones, and lastly, some beautiful white quartz rocks--all laying on the ground as if waiting for me.

All wanted to join in the fun of playing in the dirt and creating something new. I realized that by moving slowly, with open wide-eyed vision, paying attention to all things, THINGS found me! How often do we move through life, desperately seeking, walking like through a fog, closed to life! When we open ourselves up to receive, with wide-eyed vision, life suddenly begins to shout, "Pick me, pick me!"

During this time of pause, let's walk with Wide Eyed Wonder as we Wander in this unknown time. Let's believe that we will find all that we need. The Earth is asking us for a pause.... a reset.... a rest... Let's have faith in the abundance of Spirit and Creation. Let's practice trust.

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