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New York Chapter: Sean Stampley

Leader: Sean Stampley

Walk2Connect Chapter: New York

Passions: Walking through our natural/built environments and the communities that link them

I am a Colorado native, student of life for 7 years in Seattle, and living for the past 8 years in New York. While being a travel/ hospitality worker and voracious volunteer for non-profits along the way, I’ve found a passion for simple human connection. As social media and the state of the nation divides us as people, I am passionate about pushing-back to live in a world where we may grow closer together instead of further apart.

Walking through our time and through our spaces has empowered me to not only engage with myself, improving both my physical and mental health, but has also empowered me to simply connect with others. I love it!

There’s 8 million or so of us here in this little area called New York and I wish every single one of us could explore this area’s many fascinating spaces. One of my favorites is Lower Manhattan. The historical monuments marking this city’s brutal, tragic, and beautiful history, the iconic architectural marvels, and watching the Hudson River seep into New York Harbor’s natural beauty are such gifts. I am excited to lead people through this treasure that’s hidden in plain sight.

As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words, so I’ll leave you here with a few.

Help us build this #lifeat3mph community by liking the Walk2Connect New York page & connecting with your friends in NY to do the same.

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