Sarah Schwallier

Interests/skills: Personal Training, Fitness, Walking for Weight Loss, TED Walks 

Sarah grew up on a small farm in West Michigan, where she learned to appreciate the simple things in life. Sarah is a Nature Walking Health Coach who seeks to help people build healthy habits that last a lifetime. She is committed to inspiring individuals to become part of a healthy walking community. Through Walk2Connect, Sarah hopes to make large cities feel small and diverse connections thrive. Read Sarah’s full story on Walk2Connect Stories here.

Sarah is a full-time personal trainer and wellness coach, through Strides Life. She offers a well-balanced approach to lifestyle improvement. Through Personal Training sessions or a walk in nature together, Sarah is committed to helping you get on the healthiest path possible. This individualized approach to a lifestyle change is proven to work and to last through her countless testimonials and her own personal weight-loss success. 

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* Personal Walking Buddy
*1-on-1 Health Coaching
* Personal Trainer
* Accountability to goals
* Nutrition Coaching

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Core Co-Op Owner Walking Movement Leader
Joined Walk2Connect in 2014. Founder of Strides Life. Passionate about being a Nature Walking Health Coach, all things health and wellness related, Ted Talks & Tropical beaches.
$565.00 raised
GOAL: $1,000.00