Start a Chapter

Are you interested in starting your own chapter? 

Walk2Connect defines a chapter as a group with its own character and identity that serves a specific geographical area through volunteer-led walking groups. If you are interested in leading the chapter in your area, here is what you need. 

For Individuals


- All benefits of being a Walking Movement Leader 

- All benefits of a Supporter Member 

- A Meetup Pro Chapter Group and Facebook Page to list events and contact RSVPs

- A Walk2Connect Chapter Page on our Website

- Fundraising tools to help defray the cost of Chapter-related admin fees

- Sponsorship opportunities


 Here is what you need:  

Let's lead this foot revolution 1 walk at a time. 

Start your Chapter, Click HERE


For Community-Based Organizations

If you represent a Community-Based Organization, we can help you launch your own Chapter! A Chapter Launch for your organization includes: 

  • Volunteer and/or staff training on how to organize and lead Connection-Focused Walks
  • Your own Meetup Pro Group & Facebook Page
  • Customized Walk2Connect Website Page
  • An official Launch Event customized to your needs
  • Technical support 
  • Contact us for details. [email protected]