Summer Steps: An Intern’s Reflections


By: Summer-2017 Senor Intern, Jaeson 

The Seventh Avenue Stroll  was the first walk I went on at the start of my internship this summer. Before I went on this stroll, I wasn’t quite sure what to think about walking. As far as I knew, it was just a form of transportation to use when driving was not an option. But as I went on my first walk and many more over the course of my internship, I began to see how it was more than just a form of getting from one place to another.

After walks I would always feel a sense of feeling refreshed and happy.

When looking back, I think that one of the main reasons I felt so satisfied after “putting one foot in front of the other,” was the people on the walks.

Everybody I have met through Walk2Connect has been very friendly and talkative. Over this internship, I have met many very interesting people with all different types of backgrounds, including a monk. I have even learned new things, such as the history of some Colorado neighborhoods, through many fellow walkers. Although I have always been the youngest on all of my walks, everyone is very inviting and easy to talk to. No matter if you are strolling with a complete stranger or your best friend, this interaction with others flows into connections and conversation.

For me, walks go by fast and are over before you know it as you can get lost in conversation. The connections and people that you meet make this interaction unique and forms it into much more than just a form of transportation. While conversation and connections are good, some walks will put aside a time for you to walk in silence and be able to clear your mind or get lost in your own thoughts.

Another aspect of the walks that I enjoyed, was the various times that they are held. The walks in the morning were refreshing and helped me start my day, while the afternoon ones provided me with a nice break in my day to get outside. In addition, I enjoyed the various locations that I have explored. Some of these locations included various parks while others were in neighborhoods that I would never have explored without the walks in these locations.

Overall, every walk that I have been on has been nothing but positive and enjoyable for many reasons, but most importantly, the people who you meet and connect with, makes these events so great.


Author: Jaeson, senior at George Washington High School & Walk2Connect 2017 Summer Intern. He will be leading a walk for humans and dogs the first week of August. You can contact him at [email protected] to learn more. We thank him for the shared steps and more during this summer and look forward to his further contributions as a tech intern this fall. Through partnerships with programs like DPS CareerConnect we have been able to bring on interns like Jaeson. However, we do work with interns and volunteers of all ages. If you are interested in doing either with us send an inquiry to [email protected]