This is community…


By: Walk2Connect Founder, Jonathon

Words can’t begin to describe the gratitude I have for our community. I have just returned home from getting Edrie’s foot up and iced in her beautiful home near Sloan’s Lake. Her cat and a few friends will be watching over her tomorrow and throughout the weekend.  I carried with me all afternoon and evening the endless warm greetings, hugs, and new faces gathered up at the parking lot before we started walking. 

While a bit cold, we shared an eagerness to walk together and invite 2015 into our steps. Thank you for joining us, thanks for trusting, and thanks for being flexible. I so truly hope you were able to ~ even if just for a moment ~ reflect on your intentions for the year ahead. As for Edrie, she had quite the fall as many of you know. For those reading this for the first time, one of our dear walkers (and newly trained Ambassadors) slipped on a large patch of ice 5 minutes into our walk and broke two bones in her ankle. It was a fast, hard, and very painful fall. We called the ambulance and rushed her to the hospital. I met her at the hospital and called family, friends, and supported her at her side. After many hours of getting things aligned, bandaged up, and x-rayed she was released to go home to let the swelling go down before surgery early next week. Rachel and I assisted her in getting her safely home with plenty of pain medications to keep her comfortable.

Rachel and I both have reflected numerous times this evening on the incredible community we have at Walk2Connect.

The moment Edrie fell, she was surrounded by warm hands, hearts, and caretakers. We had people running across the fields to get blankets to keep her warm on the hard ice. We had people directing traffic. We had people holding her legs, head, arms, and side. We were graced by other park users and one timely Certified First Responder who helped us navigate the situation with ease. We had grounded and gifted Ambassadors take the lead in continuing the New Year Resolutions walk around the lake. Finally, we had a community of walkers that took a few hours in their afternoon to share in a winter walking experience to reflect, grow, and set intention for the big beautiful year ahead.

As we all know, “life” happens, and yes, even on New Years Day.

I couldn’t be more proud of you, of us, and of Edrie.

Edrie Obrien is a champion in how she handled her fall. She was strong, patient, trusting …and even had the nerve to say that she was sorry (probably 100 times throughout the night) to cause a hassle, distraction, or scene with our group. She’s a beautiful soul and we will keep you all posted per her recovery. We are all hoping for quick healing so she can be leading walks sometime soon. You can imagine her face when I mentioned that. ; )

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers these next few days as she awaits many unknowns regarding possible surgery. If you have any encouraging words you want to send Edrie, please email me at jonathon (at) walk2connect (dot) com and I’ll make sure she gets them.

Happy Happy New Year friends. I hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful walk and I long for many walks with you in 2015!


~ Jonathon
Walk2Connect Founder