Welcome to our WALKtober BINGO Challenge

Play along with us and support our Co-op! Join our WALKtober Bingo Challenge and receive invitations, information, and inspiration to fill your very own WALKtober bingo card. Have fun and move with us through a variety of unique, (maybe wacky?) activities geared to bring you into greater connection with yourself, with others, and with the spaces and places around you!

Registration: $25 Non-members; $5 Members

What do you get after you register?

*A playful, inspiring, informative daily challenge

*Your one-of-a-kind WALKtober Bingo Card

*Optional participation in the WALKtober Private Facebook Group

*Accountability to move & check-in

*Prizes for completed WALKtober Bingo Cards!  What??? Prizes? Yes!!!!

*Virtual walking opportunities with Walk2Connect Co-op Owners

*A deeper dive with the Walk2Connect Co-op co-owners:
~Maria Rosa Galter, Walking Inspiritus
~Ana Lucaci, Made2Walk
~Sarah Schwallier, Strides Life
~Jonathon Stalls, Intrinsic Paths

Play with a buddy! Ask a neighbor to sign up with you or jump into our online private Facebook group. Keep each other energized and inspired. What a fun way to be accountable to yourself and others!

Your registration fee of $25 for Non-Members and $5 for Members support the operations of our Co-op. Are you a Co-op Member? Thank you! You are the backbone of the Co-op! Are you interested in becoming a Co-op Member? Find out more  or become a member, here.  If money is tight right now, feel free to give what you can at this time; and if you feel there is abundance in your life, additional contributions are welcome also!

What do you say, are you ready? 

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