WALKtober Day 27

Day 27: Art Walk (on your Bingo Card)

Art is in everything around us. You don't have to look too hard - everything that is man-made, is art. That's right! Think of all the individuals that work with a pencil, a brush, a sawdust, nail and hammer - or hands. If you give a little in your imagination, you will discover you are an artist as well. Art can be made to please our senses, but it can also be functional.

Daily Task

On your walk today I want you to:

  • Pay attention to all the man-made structures around you, whether they are creative, functional, or both
  • Think of how much preparation went into these works-of-art
  • How many people did it take for its creation
  • What skills would one need
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WALKtober Day 26

Welcome to the final week of our WALKTOBER!

Day 26: Places Make People (on your Bingo Card)

Today, invite your inner child out for a walk to discover the delightful little details hidden everywhere - in plain sight, or in less expected places!

Every time I go out for a walk with my own child or children I’m working with on a project for Growing Up Boulder, I’m reminded how fun it is to slow down and catch sight of the funniest, silliest, most charming and fascinating ways people express themselves in their surroundings. As an urban planner focused on young people’s experiences of cities and neighborhoods, I named my consulting firm Places Make People because environments that are rich in sensory details build our brains and help root and connect us to where we are. That’s not to say we are only shaped by our environments, but rather, that we can intentionally create places that invite positive connections and inner delight just by nestling a toy dinosaur in some rocks, hanging a swing in the public right-of-way, installing a Little Free Library, or simply setting out a flock of pink flamingos!


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WALKtober Day 24

Peace and health to you and yours as we move in the the last week of WALKtober. ; ) I am so grateful to have been moving alongside you this month. Today's invitation, as you might imagine, is rooted in making an intentional connection to the rising sun while walking or rolling. 

Day 24: Sunrise Walk (on your Bingo Card)

Daily Task: Protect time today, tomorrow, or in the remaining days ahead to move with, be with, and connect with the wisdom, color, and essence of a rising sun. If you are a morning person, then you might naturally flow into this invitation. If you are not a morning person, it might take some extra effort to get up in time or to feel motivated to get outside during this time!

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WALKtober Day 23

Today we head out to the streets of New York, the beaches of Maui, or turn our work meeting into a walking one. Today we go on a virtual walk. 

Daily Task:

Below we’ve listed a few different ways to tap into your imagination, connect with far off places, or exchange steps with different people by using a virtual tool, like your phone or computer. Note, you don’t necessarily need your phone or computer for the entire walk, however, it will be handy as you start out walking today. 

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WALKtober Day 22

LESS than 10 days left! If you are struggling to keep up, reconnect with your WHY. Why did you want to walk for the month of October? Finish Strong! When in doubt, you can always reach out to [email protected]

Day 22: Body Scan (on your Bingo Card)

Daily Task: Your WALKtober Challenge is to complete a full-body gratitude scan

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WALKtober Day 21

Wow, we are on Day 21 already. If you're on the Facebook Group, you might have seen that several BINGO cards have come through. Be sure to email us (reply here!) if you have a BINGO. ; )

Day 21: Pedestrian Dignity (on your Bingo Card)


Daily Task: Your WALKtober Challenge is to, while out walking or rolling, center your awareness around all of those (including yourself if your primary form of transportation is walking or rolling) who are not legally allowed to drive, cannot physically drive, cannot afford to drive, or choose not to drive. 


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WALKtober Day 20 : Star Gazing

Day 20: Star Gazing (on your Bingo Card)


Daily Task: Your WALKtober Challenge is to go Star Gazing. 


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WALKtober Day 19

Day 19: Speed Walk (on your Bingo Card)


Daily Task: Your WALKtober Challenge is to go for a speed walk. 


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WALKtober Day 17

Day 17: Nature Sees Me (on your Bingo Card)


Daily Task: Your WALKtober Challenge is to, while out walking or rolling, listen for something (or several things) in the natural world that seek time with you. This might feel like an odd invitation, and, lean in with me. ; ) I personally believe that Life is constantly reaching out to Life.

The flowing streams want us to sit next to her...
The birds want us to stay awhile and notice them...
The setting sun wants us to rest and be present to its fading color...

Consider the following invitations while you are out moving:

1) Guided Meditation: Similar to our Tree Meditation, I have recorded a Nature Sees Me audio meditation linked here below. All you have to do is put your earbud in, click this button, and press play. I will guide you for a few minutes into this practice. You can also download, print, and reference this practice guide for additional support, prompting, and ideas.

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WALKtober Day 16

Day 16: Exercise Walks (on your Bingo Card)


Daily Task: Your WALKtober Challenge is to go on an EXERCISE WALK! 

Try to focus on the following things. 

1) Pace. Have some fun with your pace. There are a few different ways to do this. 
* Music - here is a playlist I made. See if you can walk to the beat. I usually like to listen with only 1 earbud in so I can be mindful of others around me. 
*Fartlek I know, weird word! It is a Swedish word for speed play (think like a kid). I like this way best because I am usually walking with others so music is difficult. You pick a distance to walk faster and alternate your speed based on visual markers. For example, let's walk fast to that group of trees then recover until the next batch of trees. 

Both of these ideas play around with intervals as a way to strengthen your heart health. Here is a short video on pace & intervals.


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