WALKtober Day 10 & 11

Day 10: 360 Listening (on your Bingo Card)

Daily Task:

Today's WALKtober Challenge is to practice 360 Listening. 

Ever wonder what it's like to listen with the intensity and the ability of a deer? Imagine being able to turn your ears in all directions to pick up sounds coming from up and over the hillsides....  This practice in nature will attune your ears and your self to what that might be like.

Walk to your favorite open space, park, trail, or even in your own backyard. Take some time to settle into the movement of walking, taking pleasure in everything you see. After you've walked for at least 20 mins, find a spot where you can practice listening like a deer.

After you've found your spot, take some breaths, connect with your self, notice the sensations of your body, feel the earth underneath you. Now....

--With your eyes closed, bring awareness to your right ear. Listen for sounds nearby, close to your body. Maybe the wind is blowing your hair and you can hear this movement. What is moving and shifting close by? Take a few moments to notice. Imagine what you hear. Now, listen for sounds far away, still on your right side. What is moving and shifting far away? Over the next hill? What do you hear?

Repeat this practice bringing awareness to your left ear, to sounds in front of you, behind you, above you, and below you.

After you have connected with the sounds coming from each direction, open yourself to listen to sounds coming from all directions at the same time.... 360 listening! Now you are listening like a deer. Continue your walk with this awareness of all sounds, listening with the intensity of a deer. What do you notice in your body?

Share what you heard and noticed on our WALKtober FB page or through email.


With gratitude,

Maria Rosa Galter

Nature-Connected Life Coach and Soul Guide

Core-Owner of Walk2Connect Co-op and Founder of Walking Inspiritus


Day 11: WALKtober NO-TECH Sunday  (FREE DAY - Not on your Bingo Card)

We want to encourage you to give social media, emails, text messaging, and youtube watching a small intentional rest. Even shooting for Tech-less is a win. Here are some ideas to make it easier. 
* Silence your phone or put it on do not disturb
* Turn it off! It is so much easier to not check it when it's not even on. 
* Leave it in another room/car for a set time. 

Flow with this invitation. We want you to still meet with family via zoom calls or if you have to work, we understand. This is a call to step away from distractions and re-connect with ourselves. 

Catch up on missed days or come up with your own creative way to experience the whole day! #lifeat3MPH  


**Be on the lookout for a special invite to a virtual walk on Monday. It'll be around 12 pm (MST). 

~The Walk2Connect Team