WALKtober Day 14

Day 14: Dream Walk (on your Bingo Card)

Today we wander out on a Dream Walk.
Our dreams, goals, and aspirations need to be exercised like any other of our muscles. They originate in different places in our body and sometimes speak in different ways to us. A practice in dream walking allows us to hear what we might be dreaming of beyond the obvious, beyond what is familiar or what society desires of us. It allows us to listen and hear our life's many purposes. There is no one way to dream walk and the practice itself can be found in many different indigenous cultures across the world.
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Daily Task: 

Today's WALKtober Challenge is to go on a Dream Walk. 

Below is one form dream walking can take: 
1) For your first few minutes walk silently. Take a look at the word silent again. If you move around the letters you'll find they also spell listen. So take a few minutes to listen to what else wants to be heard besides your own voice. Is it the rustle of the tree leaves? Your walking partners breathing? The rattle and shake of the cars passing you by? Your own mind's list of other things you could be doing? Allow yourself to silently hear anything that is calling for your attention besides your voice to reach you. (If you're walking with a partner share what you heard with each other) 
2) Next we want to find one of your dreams, a vision, or a personal goal. Don't get caught up on shoulds here, dreaming of small things is just as delicious as dreaming big. If nothing is coming to you think of your next meal and what you dream of having. If you need to lay under a tree and actually dream during a nap, do it. If you need to stop at the playground and swing like a kid, do that. If you need to walk the loop twice to remember things that excite you, that's okay too. Keep walking until one dream, one goal, one thing you desire comes to you. 
3) Once you have a dream it's time to exercise it by speaking it out loud. It's great if you have a walking partner and you can both share a dream with each other (If that's the case just listen to each other and try not to jump right into how to make this dream come true, instead focus on feedback like: "your tone of voice changed when you said it." or "your eyes got a twinkle" or "I noticed you hesitated when you said..."). It's equally as great if you tell this dream to the tree you napped under. You can also scribble it into a sketchbook or scream it towards the clouds. The goal here is to share the dream that came to your mind out loud. And, when you share also listen, like you did earlier, to what your mind, your body, and your heart have to say to you. Your body will actually tell you things which only you will know how to interpret. For example, you might feel your chest tighten or you notice that your hands got really sweaty. Listen really closely for these types of things. Your heart might give you a jolt or even skip a beat. Your mind might give clues of fears you have about this dream by creating a stutter. You can hear and learn about yourself and how you dream by listening to the way your body, your mind, and your heart reacts when you share it. Keep note of these things, if you dream walk like this more than once you will start to notice what the tight chest, the heart jolt, or stutter actually means about your dream. 
4) Keep walking as long as you need to dream and share at least once. Before you leave pause for a moment and thank everything around you (including yourself) for dreaming, sharing, and listening. Our current culture promotes a lot of doing, especially when we dream big about something. The goal in this type of dream walk is not to do anything but hear any one of your dreams and listen to your own being as you share it. It is a practice in sharing an intimate thing outside of your mind. A practice in trusting yourself as you listen to how you respond. And, eventually, as you continue to exercise your dream muscles, you will know when it is time to be doing something about any one of your small or big dreams. 
* Share ANY and all dreams that come up on this walk with us by replying to this email or on our Facebook group. We are excited to dream with you.
In wild dreaming,

Nicole Huguenin

Currently dreaming towards a more caring culture through curating projects like The Trailer of Trash and being a Movement Building Owner at Walk2Connect Coop