WALKtober Day 16

Day 16: Exercise Walks (on your Bingo Card)


Daily Task: Your WALKtober Challenge is to go on an EXERCISE WALK! 

Try to focus on the following things. 

1) Pace. Have some fun with your pace. There are a few different ways to do this. 
* Music - here is a playlist I made. See if you can walk to the beat. I usually like to listen with only 1 earbud in so I can be mindful of others around me. 
*Fartlek I know, weird word! It is a Swedish word for speed play (think like a kid). I like this way best because I am usually walking with others so music is difficult. You pick a distance to walk faster and alternate your speed based on visual markers. For example, let's walk fast to that group of trees then recover until the next batch of trees. 

Both of these ideas play around with intervals as a way to strengthen your heart health. Here is a short video on pace & intervals.


 2) Posture - I can't stress enough how important posture is while walking. It is the difference between experiencing back pain or not. Having your knees ache while you walk downhill or being able to release that unnecessary pressure in your knees. 

I was able to transform my posture over the course of a few years by saying this to myself 1 billion times a day, "Roll your shoulders back and down & tuck in your glutes". You can reverse poor posture with better posture just by being aware and by slowly strengthening/lengthening the right muscles.

Here is a short video to explain the walking posture a bit (3 min). 



3) POWER - Here are a few of my favorite exercises you can do (either on your walk) or after a walk to help ensure balanced muscles. Did you know you start losing muscle mass at the ripe age of 30! Yes, even if you are active. So keep moving.

I challenge you to do at least 1 minute of each exercise after your walk. Extra points for those of you who share with us/me that you did them (ps. points don't count for anything). 

*Wall Sit: These are my favorite. Sit against a wall (or tree) and hold - keep your shoulders and back flat so engage that tummy!
* Plank: Watch here for a short tutorial on how to properly plank. 
* Standing/Seated Abs: 
I really love doing core exercises, ok so maybe I am alone here. Check out these standing crunches & maybe you will love them too. Click Here to see how (1 min). 
* Push Ups (4 ways): 
Tricep, Standard, Wide & Scapular Push-ups. You can do them from the floor, a table or the wall! Click here for a video for variety & form.

Create that ENERGY! 


Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach, Strides Life