WALKtober Day 17

Day 17: Nature Sees Me (on your Bingo Card)


Daily Task: Your WALKtober Challenge is to, while out walking or rolling, listen for something (or several things) in the natural world that seek time with you. This might feel like an odd invitation, and, lean in with me. ; ) I personally believe that Life is constantly reaching out to Life.

The flowing streams want us to sit next to her...
The birds want us to stay awhile and notice them...
The setting sun wants us to rest and be present to its fading color...

Consider the following invitations while you are out moving:

1) Guided Meditation: Similar to our Tree Meditation, I have recorded a Nature Sees Me audio meditation linked here below. All you have to do is put your earbud in, click this button, and press play. I will guide you for a few minutes into this practice. You can also download, print, and reference this practice guide for additional support, prompting, and ideas.

2) Sketching & Reflecting: When you find trees, birds, plants, leaves, skies, squirrels, fish, horses, or other life forms that are possibly seeing you/speaking to you, consider sitting down nearby to simply observe their details and what might be happening between you and them. This doesn't need to be overly profound... and be open if it is! Bring a journal or sketchbook with you to draw or write a small reflection. Do you notice or are you aware of what it feels like to be seen by this life form? While it may not have eyes like ours, do you sense that it knows you are near it? Share in sketch form or written form some of your reflections.

I'm eager to see what natural life forms or reaching out to you today. Please feel invited to share any photos, sketches, poems, or written reflections by replying to this email or sharing in our Facebook Group.


Also! {Reminder} Day 18: WALKtober NO-TECH Sunday (FREE DAY - Not on your Bingo Card)

We want to encourage you to give social media, emails, text messaging, and youtube watching a small intentional rest. Even shooting for Tech-less is a win. Here are some ideas to make it easier. 

* Silence your phone or put it on do not disturb
* Turn it off! It is so much easier to not check it when it's not even on. 
* Leave it in another room/car for a set time. 

Flow with this invitation. We want you to still meet with family via zoom calls or if you have to work, we understand. This is a call to step away from distractions and re-connect with ourselves. 

Catch up on missed days or come up with your own creative way to experience the whole day! #lifeat3MPH


With peace and courage, 

~ Jonathon

Artist at Intrinsic Paths
Founder & Movement Owner, Walk2Connect Co-op