WALKtober Day 19

Day 19: Speed Walk (on your Bingo Card)


Daily Task: Your WALKtober Challenge is to go for a speed walk. 


In an effort to beat a bad case of the Mondays, we encourage you to intentionally map out 5-10 min breaks. Not just to grab some food or use the restroom, to intentionally break up your day with very short walks. Yes, even a 5-minute walk can break up your day, your thoughts and your mood. 
Extra Points if you get in more than 5 short walks.

If you are one of the folks that are working from home nowadays (or any day), this is a routine you should include in your schedule in order to ensure you're taking your 10-minute breaks aways from the computer. Your eyes can benefit from your walking, too! Extra Points if you add sunglasses (assuming it's not a gloomy day).

1) Speed Walk:  Keep it simple, walk out your door 6 minutes and see if you can make it back in 4. Remember you can use the Walk2Connect Playlist for a little extra motivation.

2) Slow Walk: Really, it's ok. Take it nice and slow. Try to free your mind from all of the to-do's and just be. Here. Now. Focus on your breathing in and out of your lungs. Walk for 5 minutes out and 5 minutes back. 


In the end, we don't care if you are walking or rolling at 1,2, 3 or 4 mph. We just want you to keep moving. 

Walk On, 

~ Sarah and Ana