Walktober Day 2

Did you know that there are TWO full moons in October? The first full moon, which was yesterday, Oct 1 @ 7:05 PM Mountain Time, is known as the Harvest Moon because it gave light for farmers to harvest their fields by moonlight. On Oct 31, we will have a second full moon, the Hunter Moon which was a time for hunters to hunt and prepare for winter by moonlight.

This month's Hunter Moon has two very rare causes for celebration! The first, is that it is the SECOND full moon in a month, otherwise known as a BLUE MOON. Folks, this happens "once in a blue moon"--every 2.5 or 3 years. But more rare is that this month's Hunter Moon falls on Halloween and will be visible across time zones. The last time this happened was in 1944! Wow! 

So what's so special about a full moon? In many traditions, the full moon is a time to illuminate your life--a time to reflect on hidden gifts, hidden sorrows, hidden obstacles, hidden joys.... Its a time to let the "light shine" into parts of your life or yourself that may be in the shadows. 


The Harvest Moon offers us a time to celebrate hidden joys. We have been through some strange times lately and perhaps have experienced a lot of hardship....  What hidden fruits or gifts from this time of struggle might be ready for you to harvest and celebrate? What new life, new creation, new way of being, new insight, new wisdom can you harvest, share, and celebrate?

The Hunter Moon is a time for grounding, setting routine, and getting ready for Winter.  What last-minute goals do you have before winter sets in? Winter's season of quiet, silence, and introspection is right around the corner. Take time to "put things in order" so to speak, so you can enter into Winter's silent gifts with full intention. 

Daily Task:

This day's WALKtober Challenge is to go for a walk in the moonlight--tonight or on Halloween! Reflect on the meaning of these powerful moons. Take a journal, draw, take a photo, dance, or simply BE in the light of the moon. Let these moons illuminate what might be waiting to be discovered.

As a Nature-based Life Coach, there is nothing I enjoy more than experiencing the wisdom of Nature's Seasons, symbols, and metaphors. So much is revealed to us when we take the time to observe the Natural world--it becomes a mirror for the landscape of our Soul. After all, we ARE Nature!

If you live in the Denver area and would like to join a Harvest Moon Nature Wander and Gratitude Celebration, join me on Saturday, October 3, for a daylight wander at Mt. Falcon Park. Register HERE.

Maria Rosa Galter

Founder, Walking Inspiritus & Core-Owner, Walk2Connect Co-op