WALKtober Day 21

Wow, we are on Day 21 already. If you're on the Facebook Group, you might have seen that several BINGO cards have come through. Be sure to email us (reply here!) if you have a BINGO. ; )

Day 21: Pedestrian Dignity (on your Bingo Card)


Daily Task: Your WALKtober Challenge is to, while out walking or rolling, center your awareness around all of those (including yourself if your primary form of transportation is walking or rolling) who are not legally allowed to drive, cannot physically drive, cannot afford to drive, or choose not to drive. 


As all of our environments (and behaviors) have become so deeply car-centric, we face great challenges to make moving the way we're made to comfortable, safe, healthy, connected, and even enjoyable.

Your Task: Write down the following questions on a piece of paper and read them out loud or to yourself as you are out moving. Try to choose a place to walk that is more practical for transportation (sidewalks, roadside medians, commercial roads, parking lots, outdoor shopping areas, streets near grocery stores/bus stops):

1. After walking or rolling for a few minutes, do I feel safe and comfortable to walk or move in a wheelchair to my practical destination? What if there is rain, snow, and hot sun? What if I am carrying groceries? What if I have my children with me?
2. Are there nearby bus stops or am I aware of the nearby bus routes (or other forms of public transit, shuttles/trains)? Are the stops comfortable and safe? Would they help keep me dry if it was raining?
3. How might my community be different if walking and using a wheelchair was the primary form of transportation for how our streets and communities were built?
4. What other thoughts and emotions am I having when centering those who can't or will never be able to drive a car? How is their (or my own, if this is my lived reality) transportation experience prioritized and cared for? 
5. Are there ways I can get more involved or be more of a voice to improve streets, bus stops, and intersections near where I live?


I invite you to be open and curious with what you feel, see, and witness.

If you would like to learn more about the Pedestrian Dignity project, you can follow the Facebook Page, the YouTube channel, and @PedestrianDignity on Instagram.

If you want additional practices and resources, lean into the Walking as a Human Right page here.

If you want guidance on how to get more involved in your community, you can inquire here.


With peace and courage, 

~ Jonathon

Artist at Intrinsic Paths
Founder & Movement Owner, Walk2Connect Co-op