WALKtober Day 23

Today we head out to the streets of New York, the beaches of Maui, or turn our work meeting into a walking one. Today we go on a virtual walk. 

Daily Task:

Below we’ve listed a few different ways to tap into your imagination, connect with far off places, or exchange steps with different people by using a virtual tool, like your phone or computer. Note, you don’t necessarily need your phone or computer for the entire walk, however, it will be handy as you start out walking today. 

Idea 1: Take a visit to one of our Chapters across the world. You might visit our newest Chapter of New York or head over to the Kodiak Walks page in Alaska. Check out the pictures and let the different landscape fuel your steps wherever you are. Imagine each tree as if it was a skyscraper or each person you pass is an animal footprint. Let your imagination wander to somewhere totally different than where you currently are walking. Other resources include live streams like the ones over at Explore

Idea 2: Link up with a walking partner via phone. If you haven't yet connected with your walking partner, no worries! This is the best time to try. Or go on our Facebook group and ask somebody to join you.  Before you start walking describe your surroundings to each other. As you continue to walk take turns describing the things that pop out at you along your path. It might be something about yesterday's prompt on pedestrian dignity or some leaves that would make a really great mandala. Share your imagination and wonder with your virtual walking partner. 

Idea 3: Instead of a Zoom meeting try a walking meeting via phone using a tool like the pay what you can FreeConferenceCall  service and your phone. Just like an online meeting you might want to use *6 to mute and unmute yourself between talking and listening. Take note of how this meeting was different than when sitting behind a computer or tablet. Were certain conversations easier or harder? Did you find your ability to pay attention shift in any way? 

Where ever or whoever you choose to walk with today make sure to keep things near a pace of 3mph. Either allow your imagination to wander to new places before embarking on your stroll or bring the people who are on the other end of the phone into your surroundings by describing it in detail. Remember to stay safe while using technology and walking, keep aware of your surroundings. Allow each other to connect as you expand the possibilities of your steps using tools like your phone and computer. 


From the beaches of Maui,