WALKtober Day 27

Day 27: Art Walk (on your Bingo Card)

Art is in everything around us. You don't have to look too hard - everything that is man-made, is art. That's right! Think of all the individuals that work with a pencil, a brush, a sawdust, nail and hammer - or hands. If you give a little in your imagination, you will discover you are an artist as well. Art can be made to please our senses, but it can also be functional.

Daily Task

On your walk today I want you to:

  • Pay attention to all the man-made structures around you, whether they are creative, functional, or both
  • Think of how much preparation went into these works-of-art
  • How many people did it take for its creation
  • What skills would one need
Here are some masterpieces I discovered on a recent walk I took through my town, Longmont. Disclaimer: I am proud to live in an artsy town like Longmont, with a couple of art programs and a certified Creative District, so it is impossible not to discover something out of the ordinary that will make you smile during your walk around here. :)
  • Shock Art - painted electrical boxes. This has been painted recently and it's just a couple of blocks from my house

  • Art in Public Places - permanent art all around town

  • Art on the Move - temporary art placements. They are on display for a year or so, going away after that or maybe going in a different place.

  • Mailboxes - one of my favorite things to look for, rare in new developments as all mailboxes are in one place. This one matches the house!

  • Manholes covers or other plates that lets you know what's under - can you imagine the underground network?

  • Fences, retention walls - so many to chose from! Some are quite impressive or requiring engineering

  • Yard signs and messages for the passerby - some are so intricate and clever!

  • Historic buildings. This is the old sugar beet factory that was once an important industry staple. Has not been in use for decades and some see it as an eye sore now - potentially to be renovated in the next years to come, a place to share the history of the town.


What masterpieces have you discovered on your walk?



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Your Longmont Chapter Leader, 

Ana Lucaci